BOD Meetings Minutes – Summary

Minutes of Sara-Cam II, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

NOTE: Posted Minutes are Unofficial Pending BOD Approval at the Next Meeting
Any Revisions Made to Draft Minutes will be Clearly Noted in Posting

March 1st, 2018

The regular monthly meeting of Sara-Cam Associates II, Inc. Board of Directors the was held on Thursday, March 1st, 2018, at 7:02 p.m. at the Clubhouse, Camelot Lakes Manufactured Home Community, Sarasota Florida, the President being in the chair and the Secretary being present. Also present were 5 directors.

No amendment was made to the distributed agenda.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as distributed and placed on file

Committee & Group Reports:

The Treasurer reported expenses, income and account totals for the month of February and a presented a YTD chart of income and spending.  BR moved that the Treasurer’s Reports be approved; the reports were approved as read and placed on file.

The report of the Special Events Committee detailing events April 2017 through March 2018 was read and placed on file; Co-chair DJ reported that the Committee was exploring ways to increase ticket sales including on-line registration for no-charge events.

The report of the Membership Committee was read, giving a current membership number of 278 and plans to distribute packets for the March Meeting door-to-door.  Membership Chair was provided with a Notice of Delivery Form to be used by volunteers to document deliveries.

A co-chair of the Hospitality Group asked the Board if desserts were to be served at the March Meeting; JE moved that desserts be served 7:00-7:15 p.m.

Business Items:

  1. Resignation – the resignation of director VN from the Board was formally announced; JE moved that the resignation be accepted with regrets.

  2. LD distributed the results of an Information Technology survey, noting that people want text and email blasts. The survey results were placed on file.

  3. Roberts Rules of Order – JE, having researched the issue, told the Board that use of Roberts Rules of Order for conducting meetings is not required by our By-Laws or FL723, but that FL723 requires that the Secretary sign and date minutes after Board approval.

  4. JE noted that “approval of the agenda” was missing from the draft agenda circulated for the March Membership Meeting; LD moved to accept the agenda as proposed for amendment; the draft agenda was placed on file pending receipt of a modified copy.

  5. The re-organizational meeting of the Board was scheduled for Wednesday, March 21 at 4:00 PM in the Clubhouse.

President’s Comments

  1. The most current list of “counters” as provided by the Credentials Chair, to the President was provided to the Secretary and placed on file; this list is a replacement for any previous list.

  2. Minutes should be read without editorial comment

  3. In retrospect, it would have been good to have candidates say something about themselves at the February Membership Meeting, and to have announced VN’s resignation

  4. The current list of directors and their contact information has been posted on the bulletin board in the Clubhouse

Open Forum

 (Lot 372 ) – Regarding the IT Survey, she noted that it was interesting that people think we (Sara-Cam) have more clout than we actually do; she suggested that the Vice President speak to the limits of Sara-Cam’s authority at some future assembly of residents

(Lot 391) – Commented that the Board should be careful in explaining the negotiation/meditation situation at Camelot East to our residents because it is likely that Camelot East’s accumulated legal fund of $60,000 will still not be enough to support a successful legal battle against the Parks’ owner. 

(Lot 481) – Commented that it might be better to wait to see how the situation at Camelot East works itself out, and not speak to it at the Annual Meeting; she suggested that the Board explain the difference between Park Management and Park Ownership.


LJ moved to adjourn; the motion was adopted; meeting adjourned at  8:38 p.m.

Minutes of Sara-Cam II, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

NOTE: Posted Minutes are Unofficial Pending BOD Approval at the Next Meeting
Any Revisions Made to Draft Minutes will be Clearly Noted in Posting

February 1st, 2018

The regular monthly meeting of Sara-Cam Associates II, Inc. Board of Directors the was held on Thursday, February 1st, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. at the Clubhouse, Camelot Lakes Manufactured Home Community, Sarasota Florida, the President being in the chair and the Secretary being present. Also present were six directors.

No amendment was made to the distributed agenda.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved after debate.

Committee & Group Reports:

The Treasurer reported expenses, income and account totals for the month of January.  Jim Erceg moved that the Treasurer’s Report be approved; the report was approved as read and placed on file.

The report of the Finance Committee was read, received and placed on file. The Finance Committee, through its chairman, Julie Callebert, proposed a resolution to amend By-laws section 5.2.2  as follows:

           Section 5.2.2(c) which presently reads; “be responsible for the investment of all funds, through a responsible Bank, and for keeping the Board currently informed of the status of such investments”. would be amended to read:

             “be responsible for recommending to the Board investments of all funds through a responsible Bank, and for keeping the Board currently informed of the status of such investments”.

The matter was tabled with recommendation that it be referred to a By-laws Committee to be established following the next Organizational Meeting of the Board.

JE moved that the report of the Nominating Committee as distributed electronically to Board members be approved; the report was approved and placed on file.

The report of the Special Events Committee was read; it gave an overview of the past year’s events, showed a profit of $1,197.88 for the last fiscal year, and noted the Committee was exploring ways to increase ticket sales.

The report of the Membership Committee was read, giving a current membership number of 245, and plans to take further action on past members who have not yet paid dues.

Business Items:

The first order of business was to review a proposed budget for fiscal year 2018-2019 as distributed to Board members;  JE moved that the budget before Board members be approved; the budget was approved and placed on file.

The next order of business was a recommendation by the Finance Committee to transfer $3,000 from general checking to the money market legal fund.  JE moved that “$3,000 be transferred general checking to the money market legal fund.” The motion was adopted after debate.

Reasons for recommending amendment of the By-laws that would elect directors by a plurality rather than a majority vote were put forth by Jim Erceg, Chair of the defunct By-laws Committee. The Vice President moved that the “Board recommend to members to accept the By-laws amendment, which would change Article III, Section 3.3.1 to read as follows: “At each Annual Meeting of the Membership at which a quorum is present, the Members shall elect, by a plurality of votes cast, such number of Directors as shall be equal to the number of vacancies then existing on the Board.””  The motion was adopted.

BR moved that “the Annual Membership Meeting Packet be comprised of the five pages distributed electronically to Board members (i.e., cover letter dated to be March 1, 2018, limited proxy, instructions for proxy/ballot submission, ballot and the proposed amendment to the By-laws), the budget approved for 2018-2019 , and resumes of the six candidates along with any resume the candidate provided.”  The motion was adopted.  A resident in attendance (Lot 398) asked the Board what would happen if the By-law amendment was not approved.  Vice President explained that a second set of ballots may be needed.

A resident, reporting for the special committee appointed to investigate and report on providing pizza and soda for the Annual Membership Meeting, told the Board that Dino’s would provide 30  15-inch  8-slice  pizzas at a total cost of $288.66.  BR, also a member of that committee, reported he would use the remaining funds from the allotted $350 to purchase soda.

Business Item 6: the President reported that the Annual Membership Meeting agenda is being finalized. General discussion on following aspects of the agenda and voting:  order of voting (i.e., By-laws vote comes before Board candidates vote); report of Chair of Credentialing Committee; having extra ballots on-hand;  and choice of printer.

The next order of business was questions for Management after they give their February2018 State of the Community Address.  The Secretary reported that 30 questions had been received to date, and that questions would be collected up through February 10th.

The next order of business – creation of a film series of educational value (Saracam Science Series) – was laid on the table for discussion at another time.

Pursuant to the next order of business the President handed out the current Facilities Usage Agreement form and clarified that is not Sara-Cam’s intent to allow its insurance to be used for parties to which the entire community is invited, but that the form should be used only for gatherings sponsored by one member for his or her personal use. A resident in attendance (Lot 507) asked the Board to clarify the liquor policy. The President responded that the member who reserved the facility could not “provide or serve alcoholic beverages” but that it is routine practice that attendees could bring their own [alcoholic beverages] for their own consumption.

The President provided to the Secretary a hard copy of his e-mail dated January 9, 2018 to Finance Committee members documenting their official appointment to the Committee; the e-mail copy was placed on file.

The President provided to the Secretary a notice to file our Annual Report with the State to be filed by May 1st.

The President appointed the six members as proxy and vote counters for the upcoming Annual Membership Meeting in March.

Open Forum – The floor was then opened to comments from attendees:

(Lot 227) –  suggested 8 workers for elections, including 4 counters

 (Lot 398) – Objected to the use of initials in the minutes to identify the directors who made a motion and seconded a motion; stated it was not in compliance with Roberts Rules of Order.

 (Lot 507) – Do we know how much Newby is spending for the dog park? A. No

 (Lot 331) – Cautioned Board to not get “irritated with membership.”

(Lot 481) – Engaged several attendees in discussion of ditch on right side of the Park’s exit road; President world add to agenda of next monthly meeting with Management.


VN moved to adjourn; the motion was adopted; meeting adjourned at  9:31 p.m.

Minutes of Sara-Cam II, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

June 1, 2017

NOTE: Posted Minutes are Unofficial Pending BOD Approval at the Next Meeting
Any Revisions Made to Draft Minutes will be Clearly Noted in Posting
Key: M/S = Motion made and Seconded; MC = Motion Carried

Meeting called to order at 7:01 PM
7 Directors Present,  1 Absent
8 Homeowners Present

Pledge of Allegiance
Secretary’s Report: Minutes of April 6, 2017 BOD Meeting were not read; M/S, MC to accept minutes as sent to Board.

Treasurer’s Report for May:
Expenditures                                                      $0
Income                                                         $54.00
Summary of accounts
Primary Business                            $10,882.36
Legal Checking                                   $2,769.05
Legal Money Market                        $7,024.66
Total                                                    $20,622.07

Committee Reports
No reports

Business Items
A. 2016-2017 Fiscal Year Audit
In his record of fiscal audit, dated 4/7/17, Bill Barnett reported that all financial records are accurate and complete. M/S, MC with 1 abstain

B. New Board Members – Certificate of Compliance
Ray Rupinski submitted to the Secretary his signed and notarized certificate of compliance with Florida law education requirements. Leslie Donald-Clark and Vinnie Nash are still due.

C. Security Coverage for Board Laptop
Discussion: This laptop is used for document and file storage and currently not used for internet connectivity. It was deemed unnecessary to have virus protection.  M/S, MC unanimously

D. Pennies from Heaven
This is an effort to put a novel twist on our existing penny collection “project”. Board member recommended that the money collected be used to support coffee and the food served at HOA meetings; if there are no contributions, there would not be any provisions. President was opposed to this because several residents make food for meetings as their way of serving.
Motion to table this item until a chair for the Hospitality Committee is seated. M/S, MC.

E. Homeowner’s Information Meeting Agenda
Secretary opened the discussion on making the HOA “meeting” less formal. Assistant Secretary shared that he would like to see an “old business new business approach. Discussion: This would ensure closure to all questions and issues.  Not having a format would make control of the meeting more difficult. A Board Member felt the
Board is already confronted. President recommended the current format be retained and that we already share the content of the Community Manager’s Meeting.
Secretary stated that minutes are not required and place the Secretary “on call” for HOA sessions, this is not required for any other officer. Someone could keep a record of the session, which is essentially comprised of the recap of the Community Manager’s Meeting(Questions and answers), President’s Comments and the Open Forum.  A suggestion to add “synopsis” of the Board Meeting at the HOA Information
Session was offered. Secretary believes this would be a great idea as few residents come the the Board Meeting.
Motion to table this issue until Secretary provides an outline of her proposed format recommendation.  M/S, MC unanimously.

F. Other
A clarification – No attendee shall speak during a Board Meeting unless called upon for input; otherwise, hold comments until the end of the meeting.

It has been a long-standing policy that no Board Member is to talk with Management” alone. Until a  recent discussion between a Board Member and the Social Coordinator about the Rambler article, this policy applied only to Community Manager. It appears that Community Mamager does not want Board Members talking to her staff. President to investigate further.

President’s Comments
President needs “minutes” from the HOA sessions upon which to base
policy and next actions.


(Lot 492) suggested that moving BOD members to be at the same level physically
as the audience would be a bad idea.

(Lot 372) supports providing a synopsis of the Board Meeting.

(Lot 180) commented on the topic where articles submitted to social
coordinator are being rewritten. “Is it possible to bring back Insight?”

(Lot 182) wants a report generated by the Finance Committee even if there is
nothing done.

 (Lot 391) commented on speeding in Camelot Lakes. “Eat the elephant one bite at a
time”. Speeding seems to be less perhaps due to fewer snowbirds.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:02 PM. M/S, MC unanimously.

Posted by Raymond Rupinski Assistant Secretary 8/8/2017

Board of Director’s Meeting – SUMMARY

NOTE:  Posted Minutes are Unofficial Pending BOD Approval at the Next Meeting

Any Revisions Made to Draft Minutes will be Clearly Noted in Posting

April 6th, 2017Key:  M/S = Motion made and Seconded;  MC = Motion carried

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM followed by Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call Present: 7 voting members + President

Homeowners:  10 attendees

Agenda amended to include:

  • Minutes of the March 21, 2017 Board Organizational Meeting

  • Traffic Safety Task Force

  • Social Networking

Modified Agenda Approval: M/S –  MC

Secretary’s Report: M/S to accept March 20 Annual Meeting minutes and March 21 Organization Meeting minutes without reading –  MC

 Treasurer’s Report for March: Expenditures    $ 2,124.27     ­Income         $ 117.00

Summary of accounts

Primary Business        $11,750.72

Legal Checking               $2,769.05

Legal Money Market  $  7,024.49

Total                                 $ 21,544.26

M/S –  to accept the Treasurer’s report as read – MC


Committee Reports


 There are currently 280 Sara-Cam members.  A new Chair is taking on the responsibility for membership for the 2017-2018 year.

Social Events

The committee met on March 22 and set up the calendar for the 2017-2018 year.  Events are patterned after last year.  There will be a Rubber Duck Derby in July.  A new “Human on a Swan” event was mentioned.  Events are planned for June, July and August.

One BOD member shared feedback received from homeowners looking for new events reflecting the changing demographics of the community.  The Social Events committee meets monthly on the Wednesday the week after the Board of Directors meeting before the HOA meeting.

Legal Issues

Federal and state tax returns have been completed and will be mailed on Friday, April 7.

Other committee items

  • The next “ride around the park” with Newby is scheduled for Thursday, April 13

  • BOD member asked why some lawns are re-sodded more often. President shared that it can be due to ground conditions and related to fertilizer.

Items for May Rambler

Past Sec’ty will work with current ass’t Sec’y to submit article by Monday, April 10.

Gate keypad instructions should be included to address issue with traffic backing up on Gantt Road.

The update on feeding swans should be repeated in the May issue.  BOD member shared that person currently caring for swans mentioned the current swan feeders are not designed for swans and the finer grain gets jammed.  BOD member came across a swan feeder on the internet and would share the information with caretaker.

Fundraising for Special Events

BOD member shared that a calendar is in place.

(Lot 481) shared that the Can Drive is an activity that includes Newby, Sara-Cam and the Camelot Community Club.  She also shared the planned activities have a long history.  BOD member offered that new events be considered.

BOD member mentioned that a resident (Lot 525) asked about having Camelot Lakes sponsor local schools and organization in their fundraising activities.  A Golf Cart wash was brought up.  President said this should be passed on to Newby management.  Motion to keep planned fundraising – MC 6 to 1.

Keeping Summer Meetings

President shared there are 36 meetings a year – 12 BOD, 12 HOA and 12 Special Event Meetings.  The HOA rules state that we only need to have four board meetings a year.  The number of meetings can be a strain. Do we want to continue with the current schedule? BOD member informed the Board that directors who miss three consecutive board meetings are considered a forced resignation.  Another member suggested eliminating two meetings.  3rd member states that having 24 Board and HOA meetings is too much for working residents and is an impediment in soliciting new candidates to join the Board.

There was general conversation on the reduced number of attendees at the summer HOA meetings due to the fewer residents during summer months.  President stated that only 1 Board member was required at an HOA meeting. President raised his concern in this area and recommended keeping the monthly HOA meetings.  A BOD member brought up his concern about the importance of these meetings in providing for information sharing and listening to Sara-Cam members.

A motion was made to eliminate the May, July and September Board of Directors meetings.  M/S –  MC with one opposed.

Discussion on HOA meetings with a suggestion that we review month-by-month.  The calendar will need to be updated with any changes.  (Lot 507) expressed the importance of having monthly HOA meetings. 

Motion to eliminate July HOA meeting M/S –  MC with 5 in favor and 2 opposed.


BOD member asked about having the ability for Sara-Cam members dial into meetings by phone.  A 2nd member feels this this would be unwieldy.  There was discussion that the same people typically attend HOA meetings and that there wouldn’t be more participation by making more sources available.  Former Sec’y shared that an email blast is sent about meetings to members (AOL emails do not get through due to issues with America On-line rejections).  She has been sending postcards to those individuals with no affect.

New BOD member believes new options should be available for individuals to be able to participate in our meetings.  He agrees that there are limitations to the free teleconferencing service used at Board of Directors meetings, but that we should utilize social networking tools to include seasonal residents and individuals who may not be able to attend meetings in person.   


Chair of negotiating committee shared his experiences.  The question is whether we are prepared to go to court.  He talked with two individuals on the committee.  Lot rent takes into account fair market value, social security and cost of living increases.  Bay Indies, in Venice, has 1200 members and challenged rent increases.  They went to court.  While they were successful the first year, the increase was doubled the second year.

Pursuing legal action is expensive and Sara-Cam would need significantly more money in the legal fund.  It is not worth pursuing a campaign to raise the required funds in order to look for a $4-5 reduction in the increase.  And if we lose, the park owner can ask the court the assess legal fees to Sara-Cam.

(Lot 481) asked why we compare ourselves to Bay Indies.  The Board shared that Bay Indies is the # 1 park in the area, with Camelot East ranked #2.  These communities are the basis of comparison.

(Lot 507) stated that she considers Camelot Lakes a bargain and good value in comparison.  Suing would not be productive.

New BOD member asked why is there a legal fund.  Another member stated that these funds are for potential use if there are items in the three year agreement that are not completed.  They would also be used if the owner decided to sell the real estate.  Residents have the right of first refusal in a sale.  There is a 45-day window for analysis in that potential situation.

Safety Concerns

Chair recapped the task force process and volunteer participation.  The final proposal was put together with 3 individuals.  Most of the items are inexpensive with the exception of pole-mounted radar signs costing around $2900 each.  The next step is for Chair to relay recommendations as part of the monthly management meeting  Wednesday, April 12.

Social Networking

New BOD member believes there are opportunities to use new tools in order to communicate with Sara-Cam members.  He shared experiences with NextDoor and potential for using apps like Facebook.  While these tools may not be familiar to some, social networking is widely used.   He will put together recommendations to present at a future Board of Directors meeting.

President’s Comments

President introduced the officers on the new Board of Directors.

The March Annual Membership Meeting Dinner cost $1380.26.

The State of Florida Annual Report was filed which included the names and titles of Board members.

We renewed the newsletter subscription for the Federation of Manufactured Homeowners of Florida (FMO) for another year.

President appointed a co-chair for the Special Events Committee.

President will be meeting with the Community Manager next Wednesday, April 12.  Traffic Committee Chair will be included sharing the Safety Concerns worksheet.

A traffic backup on Gantt Road happened recently around 3PM involving vehicles attempting to access Camelot Lakes.  Instructions for using the access gate should be included in the May Rambler.


(Lot 372) reminded everyone to be careful and be aware of the difference between the owner and park management.  We have established a good relationship with management and do not want any negative impact.

(Lot 466) asked if the calendar will be updated.  It will be modified and re-posted.  He also said that while there are the same voices that raise concern in HOA meetings, they bring up different issues.  The Board should listen and resolve issues.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:43 PM.  M/S – MC


Board of Director’s Meeting – SUMMARY

NOTE:  Posted Minutes are Unofficial Pending BOD Approval at the Next Meeting

Any Revisions Made to Draft Minutes will be Clearly Noted in Posting

March 2nd, 2017

Key:  M/S = Motion made and Seconded;  MC = Motion carried

Call to Order 7:02 pm followed by Pledge of Allegiance


Agenda Approval:   M/S to accept agenda as presented.  MC

Secretary’s Report:     M/S to accept February 2, 2017 minutes as emailed to Board members with corrections. (one name recorded twice, word volunteers omitted in Membership Committee report, FMO Legal Fund information should read “then $500 per year for the next 4 years for a total of $3,000. )  MC

Treasurer’s Report for February:   

Expenditures     $   476.01    Income         $ 2464.53

Primary account                     $13,758.08

Legal Checking                           2,269.05

Legal Money Market                 7,015.23

Total                                           $23,042.36

 M/S to accept the Treasurer’s report.  MC

Committee/Group Reports:

  • Membership: There are 281 as of tonight’s meeting. Annual Meeting Packets have been delivered and delivery notifications have been given to the secretary. This has been a good membership year with 20 members more than last year. The letters sent to all members/residents seems to have been useful. Expense of $400 is high. Need to discuss whether this mailing will be done again.

  • Special Events: Night at the Races very successful. Earned a profit of $824.92. No scheduled events until June. Year was very good with about $1000 earned over the suggested budgeted amount of $2000.

  • Nominating: Three open positions. With the nomination from the floor at the HOA meeting in February there are 3 candidates for the 3 open positions. We will need to cast one vote rather than have voting.

  • Traffic:  Presented final recommendations to the board. Asked the board to review and decide which items should be brought to management.

  • Hospitality & Welcome: Both groups need chairs.

Business Items

  • Request for Committee/Group Chairman’s Written Reports: Each committee/group chairperson should submit a year-end report to be included in the Annual Meeting booklet. Send report to secretary. Deadline 3/13/17.

  • Social Life Committee – Change in Ticket Sale Procedures: The new change has been challenged by Activities, Camelot Community Club and Sara-Cam. An emergency meeting will be held on March 6 at 2 pm to discuss issue. Noted by Activities Chair that ticket sales procedures has been problematic.

  • Pre-Annual Meeting Meal: Meal will be catered by Goodfella’s Café & Winery. Ticket deadline is Wednesday, March 15. Dinner is free. Begins at 6:15 pm.

  • Newby Yearly Contribution: Check for $500 has been received. Will not deposit the check until April so it will be reflected in the new fiscal year.

  • Review of Agenda for Annual Meeting: President distributed agenda. Only change is that the Negotiating Committee Report will be given after election of directors. Budget is in the Annual Meeting booklet. President will ask for a motion to cast a single vote for election of directors. Agenda must be posted by March 6th.

  • Reorganization Meeting: Tuesday, March 21 at 4:00 pm. Meeting to be in Clubhouse – room to be determined.

 President’s Comments

  • The new board members have been given confidentiality statements, by-laws and contract agreement. Once read, board members must sign and have notarized the statement of completion.

  • Quarterly walk around and meeting with Susan and John Hall is scheduled for March 15th.

  • We have 281 members and will need a quorum of 85 members for the Annual Meeting.

Open Forum

  • Lot 466: There are trees that have been wrapped in white surveyor’s tape. Any information? (Answer: No. Will forward question to Susan)

  • Lot 480: Gave her heartfelt thanks to the board members completing their term and best wishes to the new board members.

M/S to adjourn.  MC Meeting adjourned at 8:23 pm with 8 residents in attendance.

Board of Director’s Meeting – SUMMARY

NOTE:  Posted Minutes are Unofficial Pending BOD Approval at the Next Meeting

Any Revisions Made to Draft Minutes will be Clearly Noted in Posting

February 2nd, 2017

Key:  M/S = Motion made and Seconded;  MC = Motion carried

Call to Order: 7:00 pm  followed by Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call PRESENT: Full Board of 9 directors   ABSENT:  0 directors

Agenda Approval:   M/S to accept agenda as presented.  MC

 Secretary’s Report:   Member asked about the corrections in the January minutes. Correction was of a resident name & lot number mentioned in the Open Forum.  M/S to accept January 5, 2017 minutes as emailed to Board members.  MC 

Treasurer’s Report:   Treasurer reported

Expenditures (January)         $   265.52       Income  (January)         $ 1888.00

Primary account                     $12,969.56

Legal:  Checking                           1,069.05

Legal:  Money Market                 7,015.23

Total                                            $21,053.84

M/S to accept the Treasurer’s report.  MC

Committee/Group Reports:

  • Membership: The door to door membership drive has begun. There were 200 members prior to the drive. Committee had its first meeting.

  • Negotiating:  Committee had an informal meeting to recap efforts put forth this year and to make suggestions for future negotiations. Need money to be able to hold down increases.

  • Special Events: January’s Football Frenzy and Cook-off competition was very successful – $906.48 profit. Next event – February 25th Night at the Races. 6-9 pm. Entry is $3.00 and bets on the horses are $2.00. 8 races, winners take half of the pot from each race. Snack bar available.

  • Nominating: Three open positions. We have two interested candidates and are continuing to look for additional volunteers.

  • Website: The most recent 723 has not been posted yet. The new changes to 723 are inconsequential at this point.

  • Traffic: Had its first brainstorming meeting. There may be some funds available. Fines are not possible. Interested in a mobile flashing light alert. Group will meet again.

 Business Items

  • Rambler: The format of the Rambler has changed. Articles submitted will be closer to the new format.

  • Transfer of Funds from Primary to Legal Fund: M/S to transfer $1500 from the Primary account to the Legal Checking account. After discussion an amended motion was made and seconded to move $1200 from the Primary account to Legal Checking. MC

  • Agenda Items for February’s HOA meeting: Proposed agenda was reviewed and approved. Briefly discussed how the Q & A following the State of the Community Address would be handled.

  • Annual Meeting Meal: After discussion M/S to allocate $800 for the annual meal. MC with 6 yes and 1 abstention. Correction: 7 YES 1 Abstention

    Meal will be free to members/spouses but tickets must be obtained.

  • FMO Board Training Sessions: FMO has scheduled several training sessions for new board members. This will help meet the training requirement mandated by the newest 723 statute. Sessions may not be helpful to us because of the location of the sessions.

  • FMO Legal Fund: A member presented the information concerning the proposal of a legal fund available through FMO. We would have to put $1000 into the fund the first year, then $500 over the next 4 years for a total of $3,000 Correction: text in blue added. He is gathering more information about the fund. Might be useful, as the projected costs for Sara-Cam to “fight” ownership over rent increases could be as high as $50,000.

  • Rules & Regulations: Many of the rules and regulations are not being enforced. What to do? Discussion.

  • Super Bowl Sunday: Sara-Cam has made arrangements for the Clubhouse to be available for a Super Bowl gathering on February 5th from 6 – 10:30 pm. This is a BYOE(verything) event.

President’s Comments

  • Directions for using the keypad at the guardhouse will be prominently displayed.

  • At a prior BOD, a resident asked that the 2017-2018 budget be printed with the 2016-2017 budget for comparison. That will be done and included in the materials distributed in the Annual Meeting packet.

  • The ability to log in a complaint through our website does work.

Open Forum

  • Lot 481: Has been receiving mail from Comcast. 1. Asked if it is possible to sign up with Comcast now (A1) No, community is still under contract with Frontier.  2. Rambler is very difficult to read because of the font size. Some articles that have been submitted are not being published. (A2) Don has spoken to Social Coordinator and will bring the problem to Management’s attention.

  • Lot 328: There are many houses for sale in the community. People hesitant to purchase because of the lot rent. Many residents are looking to sell because they can no longer afford the rent. (A) Board member spoke about how this issue came up during negotiations. Camelot Lakes is 3rd most expensive community in the area but has the lowest percentage of occupancy.

  • Lot 503: It is difficult for many to meet the lot rent. However, nearby apartments are renting for $1,400.

  • Lot 227: Related how he observed the guard questioning whether a “stranger” was supposed to be in the gym. Guard followed proper procedures.

M/S to adjourn.  MC Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm with 14 residents in attendance.

Board of Director’s Meeting – SUMMARY

NOTE:  Posted Minutes are Unofficial Pending BOD Approval at the Next Meeting

Any Revisions Made to Draft Minutes will be Clearly Noted in Posting

January 5th, 2017

Key:  M/S = Motion made and Seconded;  MC = Motion carried


Call to Order: 7:00 pm  followed by Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call PRESENT: 8 directors   ABSENT:  1 director

Agenda Approval:   M/S by BR and PS to accept agenda as presented.  MC

Introduction of the resident that hosts of our website.  He gave a brief outline of what he does to make our website exist. $109.45 is the hosting fee and $12.00 for the domain name.

Secretary’s Report:   M/S by DJ and BR to accept December 1, 2016 minutes as emailed to Board members.  MC 

Treasurer’s Report:   Treasurer reported (December) 

Expenditures    $   161.73           Income             $ 2182.75

Primary account                     $11,457.08

Legal Checking                           1,069.05

Money Market                            7,015.23

Total                                            $19,541.36

Question: Why was the activity in the Legal Checking account not reported. Answer: The treasurer’s report reflects just the primary account activity.

M/S by BM and JE to accept the Treasurer’s report.  MC

Committee/Group Reports:

 Membership: (BM) There are 162 members at this time. The door to door membership drive begins January 23rd. Volunteers are needed. The membership application has been updated.

  • Special Events: (DJ/CW) Holiday Money Tree raffle netted $835.00. Football Frenzy and Cook-off competition to be held January 16th prior to HOA meeting. Tickets are $7

  • Nominating: (DJ) Three open positions. We are looking for 3 or more candidates.

  • Website: (BK) The website is being updated with the 2017 calendar and corporate filings. Updates are ongoing.

 Business Items

  • Rambler: Include info about gate changes and resident security responsibilities

  • BOD Road Sign: We have a sign to announce monthly Board meetings. Will begin using it for next BOD meeting. Hope to encourage more resident attendance at meetings.

  • Guard Time Changes: JE explained the genesis of the change. Residents expressed a need for later hours. Management refused to increase number of hours past the 70 already provided. Management decided to try changing the hours to no hours in afternoon and coverage in the evening and night.

  • Board Training Programs: State law requires new board members to certify they have taken training classes or have read all legal documents of the association. FMO offers training classes for $35.00 per person. M/S by BR and JE to have the Board pay the $35 fee for any new or current Board member wishing to take the FMO class. MC  with 6 yes votes and 1 abstention

  • 2017-2018 Budget: Treasurer presented the 2017-2018 budget.  Basically the same as the previous year with minor exceptions. Proposed income – $6,800.00 and Proposed expenses – $5,300.00

M/S by BR and PS to accept the 2017-2018 as presented. MC with 7 yes votes

  • 2017 Calendar: Accepted and will be posted on website and Auditorium bulletin board. Note that the calendar of meetings may change when the new board is seated.

  • Timeline to the Annual Meeting: Annual Meeting is March 20th. February 27th packets of information will go out to members. March 3rd all paperwork will be returned signed. Betty and Barry will work together to prepare the packet that goes out to members. Committee reports will be made at the meeting rather than being collected ahead of time. Decision as to how much money will be transferred from General Fund to Legal checking will be made at February meeting.

  • Annual Meeting Meal: Discussion as to if the meal will be free or will there be a charge. Suggestion to have the meal catered. This is a board event and the Special Events committee will not be asked to assist.  M/S by JC and BK to have a meal prior to the Annual Meeting with the decision as to what or cost to be made at the next board meeting.  MC

  • State of the Community Address: Will take place at the February HOA meeting. Questions are being collected and categorized. Board members will keep track of the answers. Deadline for questions – February 3rd. Cards will be available at January HOA meeting for people to begin submitting questions/comments. People must identify themselves when submitting questions but ID will not be given to Susan or John.

  • 723: BOD received a copy of the newest version of FL723. Buyer will be reimbursed for the $9.00 fee. Document will be scanned and uploaded to the website.

President’s Comments

  • Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Kwanzaa celebrations were all held in the Clubhouse using Sara-Cam’s insurance coverage. A perk of membership.

  • Auditorium pool and spa have been filled with water and the water is being circulated.

Open Forum

  • Lot 238: Sprinkler system has been repaired. Suggest that written thank you notes be written to the people who assisted in the Holiday Tree Raffle.

  • Lot 466: Thank you for negotiating the creation of the dog park in the community.

  • Lot 398: (Q) Who are the people leaving the board. (A) Three BOD members identified (Q) Why are there not more people attending board meetings? (A) unknown

  • Lot 473: Extended thanks to the people attending tonight’s meeting.

M/S by BR and BM to adjourn.  MC.  Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm with 9 residents in attendance.

Sara-Cam Associates II, Inc       Board Meeting   1-5-17    Treasurer’s Report

Primary Business Account                                                     

Bank Starting Balance                                                           $9526.06

Expenditures    December

 Office supplies                                                                                 $35.30

 Website – annual Domain name fee                                         $119.45

 Meeting expense – coffee                                                                $6.98

                                                                                Total               $161.73

Income    December    

50/50                                                                                                              $21.00 

Recycle                                                                                                            $46.75        

Membership ($1635 deposit – $45 for duplicate payment)    $1590.00

Special Events – tree                                                                                  $525.00      

                                                                                                Total           $2182.75


Expenditures              -$161.73             Income            +$2182.75          Total           + $2,021.02

Summary of Accounts – December

Primary Business                                                                         $11,457.08

Legal Checking – $7,215 legal fee                                              $1,069.05

Money Market                                                                                $7,015.23

TOTAL                                                                                             $19,541.36  

Board of Director’s Meeting – SUMMARY

NOTE:  Posted Minutes are Unofficial Pending BOD Approval at the Next Meeting

Any Revisions Made to Draft Minutes will be Clearly Noted in Posting

December 1st, 2016

Key:  M/S = Motion made and Seconded;  MC = Motion carried

Call to Order: 7:00 pm  followed by Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call PRESENT: 8 directors   ABSENT:  1 director

Agenda Approval:   M/S by MT and BR to accept agenda as presented.  MC

 Secretary’s Report:   M/S by BM and BR to accept November 3, 2016 minutes as emailed to Board members.  MC 

Treasurer’s Report:   

Expenditures (November)         $  705.64         

Income                                                  986.52

Primary account                              9,526.06

Legal Checking                                8,284.05

Money Market                                 7,015.23

Total                                                $24,825.34

Treasurer noted that $3,000.00 was transferred from Money Market account to Legal Checking account to cover attorney fees incurred during Negotiation for new contract.

M/S by MT and PS to accept the Treasurer’s report.  MC

 Introduction of new Social Coordinator and  her husband.

Committee/Group Reports:

  • Special Events: (DJ & CW) Holiday Money Tree raffle is going well. Drawing will be held at the December HOA meeting. Tickets may be purchased up until the December meeting starts. Football Frenzy and Cook-off competition to be held January 16th prior to HOA meeting. Tickets are $7

  • Membership: (BM) There are 77 members for 2017 at this time.

  • Finance: (JC) Next meeting scheduled for December 6 at 2:00 to begin planning for 2017 budget.

Business Items

  • Review of January Rambler article due December 8th. Outline again what can and cannot be included in recycling; remind residents to submit John Hall questions; ask for volunteers for ad hoc speeding group, BOD member JC to be contact person; Super Bowl get together February 5th.

  • M/S by BR and PSh to pay the final attorney’s bill ($6715.00) from the Legal Checking account. In favor:  7 directors   MC    The total fee was $7,215.00 with a deposit of $500 having been made previously.

  • M/S by BR and BM to approve funds ($617.66) to mail correspondence to all residents concerning the new 3- year agreement. Letter included Sara-Cam membership information as well. In favor: 7 directors MC

  • Ad Hoc Speeding Group to brainstorm ways to reduce speeding in the community. Management has offered to purchase a radar gun.  BOD member JC will chair this group.

  • New Year’s Eve and Super Bowl parties. There are none scheduled on Special Events or Community calendars. BM suggested making the Clubhouse available for drop-in parties. Sara-Cam’s insurance can be used; will meet with Social Director to discuss possible Super Bowl event. New Year’s Eve will be a drop-in BYO Everything event.

 President’s Comments

  • Sara-Cam’s laptop computer is being used by Membership Chair for maintaining membership lists.

  • Nine people have been assigned to pick up food on the December 4th food drive pickup. Access to the Auditorium is questionable.

  • We have permission to post a notice of Board Meetings at the same place where our HOA meetings are posted on the Parkway.

Open Forum

  • Resident Lot 481: Helen said that the sign at the entrance was going to be removed. No word on what will be the replacement.

M/S by BM and JC to adjourn.  MC   Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm    Five residents in attendance

Board of Director’s Meeting – SUMMARY

NOTE:  Posted Minutes are Unofficial Pending BOD Approval at the Next Meeting

Any Revisions Made to Draft Minutes will be Clearly Noted in Posting

November 3rd, 2016

Key:  M/S = Motion made and Seconded;  M/C = Motion carried

Call to Order: 7:00 pm followed by Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call PRESENT:  8 directors ABSENT:  one director (excused)

Agenda Approval: Board members requested that two items be added to the agenda: discussion of speeding in the Community (JC) and adjusting appropriations to cover a legal fee increase (DW). They were added under Business Items and the revised agenda was accepted.

Minutes of Previous Meeting:  No resident in attendance requested the reading of the October minutes; therefore they were not read;  M/S by BR & BK to accept October 2016 minutes and as e-mailed (version 2 with JE’s amendments).  MC 

Treasurer’s Report:  

October:   Expenditures $221.27                    Income  $498.00                                            

Primary account                     $9,245.18                               

Legal Fund:  Checking            5,784.05                                            

Legal Fund:  Money Market   10,015.13

Total                                             $25,044.36                                                     

Treasurer also presented the YTD budget review. 

M/S by PS and BM to accept the Treasurer’s report and Budget Review for filing.  MC


Committee/Group Reports:

  • Negotiating: Committee Chair (JE) reported that in the last few days there has been a lot of discussion by the Committee with and without the attorney with whom Sara-Cam signed a retainer and paid $500. This attorney, experienced in HOA matters charges $325/hr for legal advice (an HOA discount from his usual fee of $395/hr) and was retained to advise us on Sara-Cam’s chances of a successful outcome should we take the route outlined in FL723, which is mediation involving both parties led by a State mediator and, if that is not successful, to take the Park owners to court.  Committee Chair provided the retained attorney with background materials, including a market survey of Park rents and information on other Newby-owned Parks in Florida. The Chair stated that we seem close to an agreement, and will not be in need of further legal advice IF the draft  contract from Newby contains the rent numbers we expect, i.e., what appears to be the final Newby proposal on rent.  Their draft is expected shortly.

  • Special Events: (DJ – Chair) Meeting scheduled for November 16th in the Clubhouse. A Committee member reported on the Money Tree fundraiser: ticket sales of $365 to date, which is $165 over cost. Tickets will be sold until and at the December HOA meeting, with the drawing to take place at the close of that meeting.

  • Finance: (JC – Chair) Restated that a discussion of expanding the committee is warranted for additional input, but asked that discussion of this issue be tabled until the next meeting.

  • Website: (BK-Chair) requested a bill for annual services from MAKOWEB.

  • Membership: (BM-Chair) 25 homeowners have joined for 2017 membership.

Business Items

  • Legal Fee Increase – The Board should expect a bill from our attorney for services through the end of October; the Chair expects a bill for $6,695 in the next few days, but does not know if this amount reflects the $500 retainer deposit already paid. Additionally, the attorney accrued several more billable hours by discussions with the Committee Chair in November, so the final amount of his charges may be “slightly” higher than the $6,695. BOD President reminded members that the BOD appropriated $2,500 for legal expenses, and that the BOD needs to approve more funds to pay this bill. Discussion of when to pay the $6,695 followed. Several BOD members (BM, BR, JC, BK) suggested we wait until we have the bill “in hand,” even if this results in 2 bills, one now and one later. BOD decided to honor our agreement wit the attorney, to pay bill when it arrives, and moved to discuss additional appropriations necessary to do so. M/S BK and JC that the BOD approve the appropriation of an additional $5,000 from Sara-Cam’s Legal Fund, to reimburse the retained attorney for legal fees, up to a total of $7,500 – considering a previous appropriation of $2,500. Discussion of where the money is coming from.  President clarified that funds for legal services are kept in the “legal checking” as well as in the Money Market account. MC  M/S BK and PS that the Treasurer pay the forthcoming bill from the attorney, provided it is not in excess of the appropriated amount of $7,500. MC

  • Community Food Drive – President spoke to need to get the word out about this Community-wide effort to collect canned and boxed food, seeing that it is a joint effort of Management, Sara-Cam and the Camelot Community Club (CCC). In the carousel  on the Social Coordinator’s desk are several sign-up sheets on clipboards; volunteers are needed to distribute bags, collect bags and sort donated items. Informational sheet on food drive was distributed to BOD members.  (Copy attached)

  • BOD Candidate Information Sheets – The President distributed a copy of the form that Sara-Cam uses to collect pertinent-to-the-job information on candidates for director. He asked BOD members to actively ask Sara-Cam members about their interest in joining the Board. BOD member BK explained why this form was created, noting that a resume of past employment was insufficient to judge what a person might bring to the Board. The President noted that there are three vacancies on the BOD to be filled at the March 2017 Membership Meeting: one BOD member will be leaving after serving the maximum 6 years of continuous service; another has expressed interest in running for an additional three year term; and the 3rd person has chosen not to run again. Candidate form attached. 

  • Appointment of Committee Chairpersons and Committee Members – The President reminded the BOD that, in accordance with our By-Laws, the President is responsible for appointing Chairs of 3 out of 4 Standing Committees, as well as Chairs of any Special Committees and Chairs of BOD-recognized Groups. The exception is that the Chair of the Finance Committee is automatically the Treasurer. Appointment of Chairs will be made at BOD meetings, presumably starting in March after the officers of the newly convened BOD are named. The composition of the Committees and Groups may be made up by the Chairs, keeping in mind that certain Committees are required to have certain numbers of members in accordance with the By-Laws, and membership lists should be presented to the BOD President for his/her approval.

  • Preparation of the 2017-2018 Budget – President reminded Treasurer that the Finance Committee should prepare budget projections for discussion at the December BOD meeting. Also stated that the finalized Budget must be prepared for and is subject to approval at the February BOD meeting.

  • February’s Membership Meeting – President clarified that this meeting is one of two “Membership Meetings,” the other being the March meeting. At February’s Membership Meeting, three activities of importance will take place: presenting the 2017-2018 Budget to the members; closing nominations for BOD vacancies; and Management’s State of the Community Address, followed by a Question & Answer session. President noted that Sara-Cam’s monthly article in the November Rambler asks residents to submit questions to Sara-Cam for Management to answer at the February meeting.

  • Speeding in Park – BOD member JC spoke to need to do something about cars driving over the speed limit; BOD member suggested that a Task Force be assembled after the contract is finalized to discuss ways to address speeding. Negotiating Committee member (BR) reminded all that his Committee is also dealing with the speeding issue as part of contract negotiations.


President’s Comments:

  • Speeding – President showed the 5″ x 8.5″ paper that is handed out to vehicles entering the Park in the left lane (without bar codes); one side read “SPEED LIMIT 20” and the other side reads: “We care about our residents and guests. Please be sure that you are not speeding through the community.”

  • Fundraising – President reminded BOD members to encourage the purchase of tickets for the Money Tree drawing. Member of audience stated that ticket sales are to Sara-Cam members only – she was corrected by another audience member, who is running ticket sales: tickets may be purchased by any resident, but only by residents even if the resident expects to give the winnings to a relative (i.e., grandchild). The resident’s name must be on the ticket stub.  

  • Cable TV Services – In an attempt to identify the remainder of the Park’s contract with Frontier (formerly Verizon), Susan Fatzie is looking for a copy of the contract.  BOD member (JC) noted there is a often a large disparity in the amount Frontier bills clients for the same service packages. BOD member (BM) stated this issue is out of the Board’s realm of responsibility. 


Open Forum:

  • Lot 328: (Q1) Asked for clarification of the source(s) of the funds that will be used to pay for legal services.  (A1) We will use funds from both the Money Market account and legal checking.  (Q2) Asked why so many of the comments on issues are “we’re working on it.”  (A2) BOD member (BR) reminded resident that members of the Negotiating Committee signed a confidentiality agreement and cannot discuss what is going on, so our usual transparency in responding to resident’s questions about the negotiations is not happening.  BOD President (DW) gave several examples of pending projects that the BOD is “working on” with Management. BOD member (BK) offered to add a slide to our educational power point presentation to illustrate the extent of on-going projects.

  • Lot 81: (Q) Asked why we allowed so many Park projects to be pushed to the end of the contract (A) Provided Newby meets its phased-in contract obligations within the agreed-upon time frames, they are in compliance with the contract and there is nothing we can do to push up deadlines or hurry them along. For example, the current contract calls for the large pool to be operable by the end of the 3rd year of the contract; so if the pool opens at midnight December 31st, Newby has met its obligation.

  • Lot 32: (Q3) Asked if something must be specified in the contract to get done.  (A3) The negotiated contract covers major and costly maintenance and projects, such as roads and pools. Other, more minor issues are worked out with Management through monthly meetings with on-site management and quarterly meetings with Newby’s Regional Manager. We have been successful in getting many of the residents’ needs and requests filled via these meetings, for example the AEDs and pool rail covers.  (Q4)  Asked for better communication of our accomplishments in this regard.  (A4)  The website details our major accomplishments, please look there.  We could add a slide on accomplishments to our educational presentation. A BOD member (BR) spoke about the diversity of residents and the levels of interest in the HOA.  The Board will also request Management to approve our posting notice of BOD meetings, so they can be advertised by signage at the front gate as are the HOA Monthly Meetings.  The President asked Board members MT and BR to coordinate design and display of a sign announcing Board Meetings.

M/S BM & JC to adjourn.  MC   Meeting adjourned at 8:47 pm    Four residents in attendance

4 Attachments on file with BOD minutes: Treasurer’s Monthly Report, YTD Budget, BOD Candidate Form, & Food Drive Informational Sheet


Board of Director’s Meeting – SUMMARY

NOTE:  Posted Minutes are Unofficial Pending BOD Approval at the Next Meeting

Any Revisions Made to Draft Minutes will be Clearly Noted in Posting

October 6th, 2016

Key:  M/S = Motion made and Seconded;  M/C = Motion carried

Call to Order: 7:00 pm followed by Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:  8 directors PRESENT; one director ABSENT

Agenda Approval:   Accepted as presented.

Secretary’s Report:   M/S to accept September 1, 2016 minutes as emailed to Board.  M/C

Treasurer’s Report:   Treasurer reported

Expenditures (September)    $200.00      Income    $155.00

Primary account                     $ 8,768.45

Legal Checking                           6320.00

Money Market                          10,014.89

Total                                          $25,103.34

Treasurer also presented the YTD budget review.

M/S to accept the Treasurer’s report and Budget Review for filing.  M/C

 Committee/Group Reports:

  •  Negotiating: In absence of Committee Chair, his Rambler submission concerning the Negotiating Committee was read. Although the committee has been meeting since April, a final agreement was not reached. Management sent out 90 day notices indicating a $25 increase with pass throughs. The committee will continue to work on the 3-year contract and may investigate going to mediation or arbitration.

  • Special Events: Welcome Reception is scheduled for October 17th. Asked BOD member to update and email the PowerPoint used last year to introduce Sara-Cam. This will play during the reception.

  • Website: Has requested web site creator to develop a photo gallery for the site. People will not be identified individually, only indication of the events will be made. She also requested a bill by the end of October.

  • Membership: There are 271 to date. Next drive will be for 2017 membership.

Business Items

  • Review of Rambler article: Added the paragraph sent by Chair of Negotiations Committee concerning Negotiations. Deleted the word Lot in the third paragraph

  • Volunteers needed during Secretary’s absence: a director will take minutes at both November meetings and write and submit article for December Rambler. Another director will read the minutes at November HOA meeting.

  • Maintaining Order at HOA meetings: Discussed possible ways to maintain order. Two BOD members volunteered to talk to disruptive person and try to defuse the situation. Members/residents in attendance may be asked if they want the disruptive person removed. a Third member said that this procedure should be included in the P & P handbook.

  • 90 Notices: Intent to increase lot rent letters have been mailed out. Negotiations have not been completed yet. See Negotiations report above. Up to $2,500 has been appropriated to have an attorney look to see whether we have grounds to challenge management according to 723. Meeting with lawyer on October 12th.

President’s Comments

  • Sara-Cam’s insurance usage to use the Clubhouse/Auditorium has increased. This is a benefit of being a Sara-Cam member and needs to be promoted. A person requesting to use our insurance must be a current member, not make the request and then pay membership.

Open Forum

  • Lot 312: Asked if the Negotiating Committee will make a report at the next HOA meeting. (A) Nothing more than the information to be included in the next Rambler. Committee member reminded residents that members of the Negotiating Committee signed a confidentiality agreement and cannot discuss what is going on. Committee is doing everything possible to get lot rents reduced.

  • Lot 254: Questioned whether the increase was $25 or $27. (A) The increase was $25, the additional money reflects the pass throughs. Resident also said that Sara-Cam’s accomplishments need to be promoted more – in Rambler and at HOA meetings.

M/S to adjourn.  M/C   Meeting adjourned at 7:42 pm    Four residents in attendance


Board of Director’s Meeting – SUMMARY

NOTE:  Posted Minutes are Unofficial Pending BOD Approval at the Next Meeting

Any Revisions Made to Draft Minutes will be Clearly Noted in Posting

September 1, 2016

Key:  M/S = Motion made and Seconded;  M/C = Motion carried

Call to Order: 7:00 pm; Pledge of Allegiance: No flag available

Roll Call PRESENT – 7 directors;  ABSENT – 2 directors

Agenda Approval:   Accepted as presented.

 Secretary’s Report:   M/S to accept August 4, 2016 minutes as emailed to Board members.  MC

Treasurer’s Report:   Treasurer reported

Expenditures (June)       $    53.17

Income                                      254.50


Primary account           $ 8,813.95

Legal Checking                 6320.00

Money Market               10,014.64

Total                              $25,148.59


Treasurer also presented the YTD budget review.

M/S to accept the Treasurer’s report and Budget Review for filing.  MC

 Committee/Group Reports:

  • Negotiating: Meeting held with all parties did not reach agreement. Committee would like to consult with a lawyer to help determine direction committee should go in next. M/S to authorize securing legal counsel up to the cost of $2,500 to help decide direction of the committee.  MC  No lawyer has been specified as yet.  Money will come from Legal Checking.

  • Special Events: Ice Cream Sundae Night earned profit of $146.00. Next event will be the Welcome Reception scheduled for October 17th.

President’s Comments

  • At August HOA meeting, a resident asked board to look into activity on the empty lot by the church. President checked and found that as of now it is a demolition project. The permits were for the demolition.

  • Current members and new members can pay dues for 2017 now. For new members that will receive the last months of 2016 along with the 2017 payment.

  • There has been no activity with the Auditorium Pool & Spa because of a permit problem. Work is to begin on Tuesday (September 6). Area may be open by end of year. Use of the building may be possible after inspection is made and it is determined there are emergency exits.

Open Forum

  • Lot 391: Asked if the Negotiating Committee has or will contact lawyers that have been used in the past. (A) Yes. Names have been passed on to the Negotiating Committee.  Also asked who is the pool contractor. (A) Same company that did the pool at the Clubhouse along with sub-contractors that have been called in.

M/S to adjourn.  MC   Meeting adjourned at 7:28 pm    Three residents in attendance


Board of Director’s Meeting – SUMMARY

NOTE:  Posted Minutes are Unofficial Pending BOD Approval at the Next Meeting

Any Revisions Made to Draft Minutes will be Clearly Noted in Posting

August 4, 2016

Key:  M/S = Motion made and Seconded;  M/C = Motion carried

Call to Order: 7:02 pm followed by Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call;  Seven directors PRESENT;  2 directors ABSENT

Agenda Approval:   Accepted as presented.

Secretary’s Report:   M/S to accept July 7, 2016 minutes as emailed to Board members.  MC 

Treasurer’s Report:   Treasurer reported

Expenditures (June)       $  186.95                  

Income                                    1,041.50

Primary account           $ 8612.62

Legal Checking                 6320.00

Money Market               10,014.39

Total                              $ 24,947.01

Treasurer was asked about the $36.00 donation listed on the report. Treasurer said that one donation was anonymous and the other occurred from a recycling activity.

M/S to accept the Treasurer’s report and Budget Review for filing.  MC

Committee/Group Reports:

  • Negotiating: Committee has met with management May – July. Group has made good progress. Next meeting is scheduled for the end of August. Hope to reach a final agreement at this meeting. If an agreement is reached then the October 90 day notice will reflect the actual numbers the parties have agreed to. Residents will only receive one notice. Committee should receive final document from Management by the 15th which will give group an opportunity to review and submit changes before the scheduled meeting.

  • Special Events: Rubber Duck Derby was successful despite the rain. Profit of $271.55. Denise Jones asked if $33.54 spent on rolls of raffle tickets could be moved from the Special Committee account to the Sara-Cam General Meeting account since the tickets could be used for other Sara-Cam needs.  M/S to move the $33.54 expense from Special Events to Meeting expense.  MC

Business Items

  • PROCEDURE: Bill Barnett has asked that when dues are recorded, lot numbers are indicated on the paperwork. This procedure was accepted and will be shared with Barry Mintz as Membership chairperson and Jean Bell and Karen Berwick who manage the Sara-Cam dues collections.

Open Forum

  • Lot 359: Had several questions: (1) Where are the Sara-Cam recycle bins? (2) What is the status of the ADA doors? (3) Speeding issues. Roy indicated that he has given Susan information on several devices that can be installed in the community to address speeding. Nothing has been done. Responses: (1) The bins are in the Auditorium parking lot opposite lot 400 (Halifax Dr.) (2) The electrical work for the doors has been completed. Waiting for the doors to arrive. (3) Will bring this issue back to Susan’s attention at the next Manager’s Meeting.

  • Lot: Can dryer vents be recycled?  Response : vents can be recycled if they are metal.

M/S to adjourn.  MC   Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm    Three residents in attendance

Board of Director’s Meeting – SUMMARY

NOTE:  Posted Minutes are Unofficial Pending BOD Approval at the Next Meeting

Any Revisions Made to Draft Minutes will be Clearly Noted in Posting

July 7, 2016

Key:  M/S = Motion made and Seconded;  M/C = Motion carried

Call to Order: 7:00 pm followed by Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call PRESENT:  6 directors   ABSENT: 3 directors

Agenda Approval:   Accepted as presented

Secretary’s Report:   M/S to accept June 5, 2016 minutes as emailed to Board members.  MC 

Treasurer’s Report:   

Expenditures (June)      $ 339.23                   

Income                                    262.00

Primary account               7,758.07

Legal Checking                  6,320.00

Money Market                 10,014.14

Total                              $   24,092.21

 Treasurer also presented the YTD budget review.

M/S to accept the Treasurer’s report and Budget Review for filing.  MC

Committee/Group Reports:

  • Special Events: Rubber Duck Derby to be held July 30th and Ice Cream Sundae Nite  August 15th .  Have needed leaf blowers for the Rubber Duck Derby.

  • Welcome: No Welcome article in the next Rambler because of the deadline change. The article will be in the September Rambler.

Business Items

  • Rubber Duck Derby: See Special Events above.

  • 2015-2016 Financial Review: Review has been completed and submitted to the Board. Cited an issue with February and March deposits and postings.

  • Sara-Cam Storage Space: Has been approved. Sara-Cam will have file cabinets and misc. items stored in the Clubhouse in the area once used by Social Coordinator. Room has no air conditioning but tables are easily accessible.

  • Policies & Procedures Project: Board has begun the project to record all additions of policies and procedures used by the Board. Secretary will go back through minutes to find motions passed that relate to policies or procedures. From this point forward – motions passed that concern business approved will be listed at the end of minutes.

President’s Comments

  • Auditorium fountain working again. Handrails have been installed in the hot tub/pool at the clubhouse.

  • Management may look like they are “dragging their feet” on several issues, but they are having issues with contractor schedules.

  • Street light problems must be reported to both management and FPL. If management has to handle the issue, parts may have to be ordered which may delay the repair. Electrician cannot stockpile parts because of the variations in poles.

Open Forum

  • Lot 81: EMTs had a difficult time getting through the gate. They said that the code did not work and they had to use the passkey. This could have been a problem for a life threatening emergency. The issue was taken to Susan and she said all emergency services have a code to get in and have a passkey to use if power is out.

M/S to adjourn.  MC   

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm    Four residents in attendance


 Sara-Cam Associates II, Inc.

Board of Director’s Meeting – SUMMARY

NOTE:  Posted Minutes are Unofficial Pending BOD Approval at the Next Meeting

Any Revisions Made to Draft Minutes will be Clearly Noted in Posting

June 2, 2016

Key:  M/S = Motion made and Seconded;  M/C = Motion carried

Call to Order: 7:00 pm followed by Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call PRESENT: 8 directors   ABSENT: one director

Agenda Approval:  M/S to accept agenda as presented.  MC

 Secretary’s Report:   M/S  to accept May 5, 2016 minutes as emailed to Board members.  MC

Treasurer’s Report:   Treasurer reported:  Expenditures (May)   $ 156.37  ;    Income  $  82.37

M/S to accept the Treasurer’s report and Budget Review for filing.  MC

One BOD member thanked Treasurer for new format for the budget review.  Treasurer said she and an assistant are reviewing the books and may do a restart with corrected figures.

 Committee/Group Reports:

  • Welcome Group: Members of the group have met with 6 new homeowners to date and spoken with several more by phone. The list of new homeowners comes from management and the most recent list only had 3 new residents. There will be monthly introductions of new homeowners in the Rambler. Welcome Group had to devise a publicity release form so information can be shared in the Rambler. Would like to have more information/items in the Welcome bags.

  • By-Laws: Secretary of By-Laws Committee turned over all the minutes and notes generated by the Committee as they worked on the recently adopted updated by-laws. Documents will be filed by the secretary.

  • Special Events: Ice Cream Float Nite scheduled for June 20. Mary has the tickets. $4 per person. Rubber Duck Derby to be held July 30th  and Ice Cream Sundae Nite  August 15th . Next Special Event Committee meeting June 15 at 3:00 pm.

  • Membership: To date there are 271 members in Sara-Cam at this time. The membership files have been successfully transferred to the Sara-Cam computer.

  • Website: Terminals in the Business Office all have an icon to our website. All work. Discussion as to ways we can generate more traffic to the site. Ask for a counter and possibly a code that people can access and bring to meetings for a prize.

Business Items

  • Rambler Article: Include info about HEAT.

  • Revisit issue of Sara-Cam Business Office: Director who proposed we ask for office space clarified what she meant by office space. She is really looking for an accessible, secure location where Sara-Cam can keep file cabinets and other supplies (other than just special events things). Would like to have a space where a working table is accessible. M/S  to ask John Hall and Susan Fatzie for an accessible, secure location for Sara-Cam use. MC

 President’s Comments

  • Bay Indies did not get a JLT Rent Survey this year, therefore Sara-Cam will have to purchase one for the Negotiating Committee. Cost of the report is $199.00 and is already a line item in our budget. Purchase will be made.

  • President will be leaving on vacation on June 9th. Secretary will cover June’s HOA meeting if needed.

  • Reviewed the history of the automatic doors at the clubhouse. Management is trying to get the door by the sales office automated, but they are having trouble. A director asked why it was suggested by management to have the automatic doors at the Auditorium put on the Negotiation list and was told it is already an item to be negotiated.

  Open Forum

  • Stan Kasmarek Lot 182: Asked about the status of Policy & Procedures. A member of the defunct Policy & Procedures Committee responded that work on updating Policy & Procedures was put on hold as the By-Laws were being worked on. We have approved 6/7 policies and the Conflict of Interest policy needs to be archived because it is now addressed in the by-laws. Secretary will go through back minutes and pull up policy and procedures that have been approved and begin putting the handbook together. May not be necessary to have on the website, but should be accessible to new leadership.

  • Resident Lot 81: (Q) Lights on the street are still out and FPL has been there. (A) The problem is a Camelot Lakes issue. The electrician has come and the part has to be ordered.  Suggested that residents continue to report light outages to management and FPL.

M/S to adjourn.  MC   Meeting adjourned at 8:01 pm    Five residents in attendance


Sara-Cam Associates II, Inc.

Board of Director’s Meeting – SUMMARY

NOTE:  Posted Minutes are Unofficial Pending BOD Approval at the Next Meeting

Any Revisions Made to Draft Minutes will be Clearly Noted in Posting

May 5, 2016

Key:  M/S = Motion made and Seconded;  M/C = Motion carried

Call to Order: 7:00 pm followed by Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call: 5 directors PRESENT

Agenda Approval: Add to the agenda an item concerning a Sara-Cam office M/S to accept agenda with addition. M/C

Secretary’s Report: M/S  to accept April 7, 2016 minutes as emailed to Board members. M/C

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer reported
Primary account $ 7,776.31
Legal Checking 6320.00
Money Market 10,013.40
Total $24,109.71
Treasurer also present the YTD budget review for the period of April 2016 – March 2017.
M/S to accept the Treasurer’s report for filing. M/C

Question from Resident Lot 182: Has Newby sent the $500 for paper goods yet. Answer: No, will ask at the next Manager’s Meeting.

Committee/Group Reports:
 Welcome Group:  Welcome brochure and Welcome letter have been updated. Looking back to January for names of new homeowners. Some have left already or are already Sara-Cam members. Will concentrate on new residents who are not Sara-Cam members. Three visits have been made. A short introduction of these three families will be in next month’s Rambler.

 Facilities: Group members along with Susan Fatzie and John Hall did the annual sod survey of the lawns in the community. They used a rating of 1 – 5 with 1 being great and 5 being very poor. There were 90 rated 4 (Poor) and 31 rated 5 (Very Poor). A lottery will be conducted to determine what lots will receive new sod. Work to be done earlier this year than last year.

 Membership: To date there are 269 members in Sara-Cam. 186 letters have been sent to non-Sara-Cam member residents. 21 letters were returned because they couldn’t be forwarded and 10 people have responded to the mailing.

 Finance: Has met with HOA’s financial reviewer to work on new procedures for the next year.

 Negotiating: Committee met with management on April 7th for their initial meeting. Next meeting scheduled for May 19th.

Business Items
 Rambler Article: Article distributed prior to the meeting, no additional items requested. Will be sent to Mary by the 8th of May.
 Historian: Historian position still open.
 Sod Survey: Has been completed – see Facilities report above. Work to be done earlier this year than last year.
 Recycling Program: There is a problem with people taking items from the Sara-Cam Recycling bin. We are brainstorming ideas to prevent this theft.
 Sara-Cam Business Office: a BOD member has suggested that we request space in the clubhouse to be used as an office for Sara-Cam. Don Wise reminded Board members that this issue had been brought to Susan at a Manager’s meeting previously and rejected. After discussion Board members were asked whether or not they wanted to pursue this issue and a majority of members present wished not to continue with this at this time.

Open Forum
 Resident Lot 182: Complimented the work of the Welcome Committee.

M/S to adjourn. M/C Meeting adjourned at 7:48 pm. Four residents in attendance


Sara-Cam Associates II, Inc.

Board of Director’s Meeting – SUMMARY

NOTE:  Posted Minutes are Unofficial Pending BOD Approval at the Next Meeting

Any Revisions Made to Draft Minutes will be Clearly Noted in Posting

April 7, 2016

Key:  M/S = Motion made and Seconded;  M/C = Motion carried

 Call to Order: 7:00 pm followed by Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:  9 Directors PRESENT

Agenda Approval:  Add to the agenda an item concerning Camelot Lakes management.  M/S  to accept agenda with addition.  MC

 Secretary’s Report:   M/S to accept minutes of the March 3, 2016 as emailed to Board members.  MC 

M/S  to accept March 24, 2016 Special Meeting minutes as emailed to Board members.  MC

Treasurer noted that Corporate Federal Tax Return for Calendar year 2015 has been filed.

Treasurer’s Report:   

Expenditures                        419.89

Income                                    323.50

Primary account           $ 9802.70

Legal Checking                 6320.00

Money Market                10,013.15

Total                              $ 26,135.85

M/S to accept report.  MC

Committee/Group Reports:

  • Welcome: Group is back as a sub-committee of Membership with new chair.  The group has met once and the welcome documents are being updated.

  • Facilities: Waiting for a date to do the lawn review with Susan. Re-sodding is supposed to be done earlier this year.

  • Membership: As of this meeting there are 260 members.

  • Website: By-Laws has been posted, with a Table of Contents. Budget and update Articles of Incorporation posted also.

Business Items

  • Planning Committee presented report of the Planning Committee.  M/S to accept Planning Committee report with 18 items specified.  MC

  • Planning Committee to Negotiations Committee: M/S  to approve the appointment of the 5-member Negotiating Committee with 3 alternates.  MC

  • Rambler Article: Suggested article presented to Board for additional information. Article OK with grammar corrections.

  • Filing New By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation: Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation filed on April 1 with a request for a certified copy. By-Laws do not need to be filed with the State. New members should receive copy of the By-Laws. Corporate filing has been completed as well.

  • Annual Membership Meeting Dinner: $317 was spent to provide for the dinner. Will look at whether dinner will be done next year at a later time.

  • Photographer and Historian: A member has volunteered to serve as Sara-Cam’s photographer. Pictures will be sent to the webmaster to be used on the website. Historian position still open.

  • Membership Mailing: President would like to send letters to residents encouraging them to join Sara-Cam. Increased membership would be good as we move to negotiations. M/S to approve mailing expenses up to $175 to send letters to 210 residents who are not Sara-Cam members. MC  

  • Camelot Lakes Management: Membership Chair read the email he sent to the Planning Committee about the need to add the replacement of the current manager into the current negotiation items. His email cited multiple shortcomings of management’s interaction with residents.  M/S to postpone  discussion of management’s shortfalls until after negotiations.  MC

 President’s Comments

  • Gate by the laundry room has been moved to allow access to the laundry room while the renovations are being done to the Auditorium pool and spa.

Open Forum

  • Lot 182: Thanked resident for reporting the issue that someone is entering the community by lifting the gate.

  Meeting adjourned at 8:53 pm    Five residents in attendance.


Sara-Cam Associates II, Inc.

Board of Director’s Meeting – SUMMARY

NOTE:  Posted Minutes are Unofficial Pending BOD Approval at the Next Meeting

Any Revisions Made to Draft Minutes will be Clearly Noted in Posting

March 3, 2016

Key:  M/S = Motion made and Seconded;  M/C = Motion carried

Call to Order @ 7:00 pm followed by Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call  all 9 BOD members PRESENT

Agenda Approval:  M/S  to approve Agenda with one correction – change the phrase absentee ballot to proxy in item 3 F.  MC

 Secretary’s Report:   M/S to accept minutes of the February 4, 2016 as emailed to Board members.  MC 

Treasurer’s Report:  

Expenditures         2369.70

Income                     3457.50

Primary account               $ 9899.09

Legal Checking                     6320.00

Money Market                   10,012.90

Total                                    $26,231.99

Treasurer presented the YTD figures. Noted that we are ahead by $3388.75 as compared to March 2015.  Asked that the treasurer not include the personal names that checks are made out to, just what was purchased.  M/S  to accept report.  MC

Committee/Group Reports:

  • Welcome: Another resident has volunteered to work on the committee. Committee meets on fourth Thursday of the month at 3:15 in the Auditorium.

  • Special Events: Night at the Races was a very successful event. Estimated to have made a profit of over $600. Suggested that in the future people should be made aware of the fact they can bet on multiple horses or make multiple bets on the same horse. Need better signs.

  • Membership: As of this meeting there are 251 members. All Annual Meeting packets have been delivered. Management needs to give us a firm indication as to what homes are not to be part of Sara-Cam’s membership effort. We must have this taken care of before contract negotiations.

  • By-Laws: 66 people heard/saw the Restated By-Laws presentation at the February HOA meeting. No additional questions were asked.

Business Items

  • Rambler Article: Points to be made in the April article: Need for a Photographer and Historian; reminder to snowbirds that they can keep up with Sara-Cam via the website; inform residents of the $1500 transfer to Legal Fund; mentions success of Special Events projects and include flyer on how to contact Board members.

  • Annual Membership Meeting: (A) Agenda – Agenda to be posted by March 7th. Delete item on agenda for committee reports. Note transfer of money from general fund to legal fund. Under New Business, BOD member will make motions regarding the by-laws and Articles of Incorporation. Arrange for a member to make motion to have Secretary cast one vote for election of directors. (B) Menu is Chicken Stew with Biscuits. Prepare for 120 unless ticket reservations change. Board members will meet with volunteer cook on March 8 to discuss plan for food prep.  (C)Ballot format was approved and will be printed. (D) Plan on making contact to remind members and collect proxies if needed week before the meeting. A reminder email to go out March 14th .  As of this meeting, we need 126 members for a quorum.  March 7 is the cut-off for taking memberships.

  • Board Reorganization Meeting: Meeting will be March 24th at 3 PM in the Clubhouse. Officers, committee heads and number of meetings to be held will be decided.


President’s Comments

  • New Electric Stove: Current stove finally went down completely during last CCC event. After meetings with management, management decided to purchase a new Vulcan electric stove. Sara-Cam supported the efforts of CCC in asking for a new stove.  Stove to be installed during the week of March 7th.

 I75/Bee Ridge Exit: 2 BOD members attended the open house sponsored by Sarasota’s Transportation Dept. The plan showed a future project that would create a new exit off Rt 75 S between Fruitville and Bee Ridge. This should relieve the traffic backups at Cattleman Rd and Bee Ridge. The project is not expected to begin for another 10 years. No money at this time.

 Open Forum

  • Lot 398: Asked why three year terms were not indicated in the materials for the Annual Meeting. (A) It was an oversight.

M/S  to adjourn. MC   Meeting adjourned at 8:27  pm    Five residents in attendance

Sara-Cam Associates II, Inc.

Board of Director’s Meeting – SUMMARY

February 4, 2016

Key:  M/S = Motion made and Seconded;  M/C = Motion carried

Call to Order: 7:00 pm followed by Pledge of Allegiance


 Secretary’s Report: M/S to accept minutes of January 7, 2016 emailed to BOD members. MC 

Treasurer’s Report:   Expenditures       $ 1272.67                 Income     $ 1936.00

Primary account               $ 8,811.29

Legal Checking                  $4,820.00

Money Market                  $ 10,012.65

Total                                   $ 22,643.94

Treasurer presented the YTD figures.  M/S to accept report. MC

Committee/Group Reports:

 Planning Committee: Committee has been able to reduce resident comments/suggestions from 47 to 14. Many issues have been resolved by the board. Next meeting February 11 at 3:30 pm at the Clubhouse.

  • Welcome: Committee meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month. Committee met in January and will begin calling new residents to schedule visits.

  • Special Events: Committee will meet on February 10th to plan for the February 27th Night at the Races. The January event was very successful – the committee surpassed the estimated income of $2000 by $166.50 .

  • By-Laws: Committee met on January 14th and reviewed the slide presentation and Q & A that will be presented at the February meeting.

  • Website: The 2016 meeting calendar has been posted on the website. Other changes on hold until after the Annual Meeting.

Business Items

  • 2016-2017 Budget: Budget was presented with one change – Line item called Paper Goods changed to Newby Contribution. M/S  to accept the 2016-17 budget as presented. MC

  • Recap of January Meeting: The presentations by Susan Fatzie & John Hall seemed to be received well. Q & A was good. Very helpful to have recorded the answers this year.

  • February Membership Meeting/By-Laws Presentation: February’s meeting will be open to all residents but only members will receive by-laws and only members can nominate someone for one of the director openings. Nominated person must be a Sara-Cam member and must be present to accept. Nominations close at the end of this meeting.

  • March Annual Membership Meeting/Packet Distribution: Information packets must be distributed by March 1st.   Packet will include Budget, Resumes, By-Laws (to those that have not received them already), Proxy Form.  Need to determine members with email capability.

  • Emergency Prep & Response: Action team now has keys to unlock secure areas. Hurricane preparation is in place through the county and management. Enough time is available for individuals to plan. Management response for tornadoes – unclear. Will begin taking this issue to management at Manager Meetings. HEAT will be involved.

  • Transfer of Funds: M/S to move $1500 from General Fund to the Legal Fund. MC It was suggested that the next budget shows a line item for the Legal Fund.

  • Angie’s List (for Residents) Discussed whether Sara-Cam or Management should compile a list of vendors that residents can use when home repairs are needed. Decided that NO, not a viable idea because we may not be able to verify whether vendors have licenses, could be a legal issue if anything goes wrong.

President’s Comments

  • Notices: Members were given the needed 14 day notice in advance of tonight’s meeting.

  • Recycling: Thanks to volunteers for taking apart 5 grills dropped at our recycling area and taking them to recycling center.

  • Community Owned Lots: Management now has 56 lots down from 90. Three lots were sold this month.

Open Forum No questions

Meeting adjourned at 8:44 pm   Five residents in attendance

Planning Committee Report presented at Board meeting 2-4-16

As of the last Planning Committee meeting on January 27,2016, we have:

  • Reduced the Comments from residents from 47 to 15. Many comments were
    resolved by the Board.
  • Reviewed the previous contract, and decided which items should be included in
    the new contract
  • Exhibit B of the previous contract was reviewed and suggestions to be included in
    new contract were discussed
  • Exhibit C of the previous contract was reviewed, and suggestions for new contract
    were discussed

It should be noted that four members of the Planning Committee are board members and  details of the meetings may be shared with the Board by the members (minutes of the
meetings).  The next planning Committee meeting is scheduled for: February 11,2016 at 3:30 PM at  the Clubhouse (craft room).


Sara-Cam Associates II, Inc.

Board of Director’s Meeting – SUMMARY

January 7, 2016

Key:  M/S = Motion made and Seconded;  M/C = Motion carried

Call to Order: 7:00 pm followed by Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call : all 9 directors PRESENT

Board Appointment: Bill Reidy volunteered to fill the one Board vacancy. After reviewing his credentials,  M/S to appoint Bill to the vacant position that will expire in March 2016. MC  It was explained to Bill that he would need to decide whether he would consider running for a full term prior to the close of nominations in February.

Secretary’s Report:  Minutes of the December 3, 2015 Board meeting were read. M/S to accept minutes to be filed. MC

M/S  to accept minutes of the December 10, 2015 Special Board meeting as emailed to Board members. MC

Treasurer’s Report:  Expenditures         $  145.93             Income       $ 311.00

 Primary account               $ 8,147.96

Legal Checking                     4,820.00

Money Market                     10,012.40

Total                                   $  22,980.36

Treasurer presented the YTD figures and there is still a question concerning the paper goods line item. The treasurer  will look at the paper goods expenditures again.   M/S to accept report. MC

Committee/Group Reports:

  • Welcome:  group will meet on January 27th 

  • Special Events:  there will be a cook-off event on January 18th and The Night at the Races on February 27th. Prizes for the Balloon Bust on the 18th of January are still needed.

  • Membership Committee:  reported 108 members for the year 2016. A door-to-door campaign will begin at the end of January.

  • By-Laws:  distributed copies of the re-stated by-laws and summary sheet to all board members. Suggested January 14th (3:30 pm) for a meeting date for committee to review the slide presentation.

  • Finance Committee: First meeting of the new committee mandated by 723. Committee has 5 members.  Created a new budget format at this meeting. Reviewed year to date figures to determine a budget to be approved by the board at the February BOD meeting.

Business Items       

  • 2016-2017 Budget Format: There is a new budget and YTD reporting format. Report will include each month and will calculate figures automatically. Discussion of the 2016-2017 budget figures. Budget will be approved at February BOD meeting and will be included in the Annual Meeting packet that will be distributed prior to the annual meeting.

  • January Meeting: Questions are ready to send to management. Questions will be sent to directors for review and comments and then sent to management in time for them to receive questions by Monday morning. Answers to the questions will be recorded this year.

  • Potential Website Items: Looking for information concerning the history and purpose of the Legal Fund. May need to go through Sara-Cam files. We also may want to create a photo gallery on the website.  M/S to have the webmaster create a Photo Gallery for the website and create a Legal Fund purpose/history page. Both will be subject to Board review. MC with all board members approving.

  • Historian Job Description: SEE description for the position of historian. M/S to approve job description as presented. MC with all board members approving

  • By-Laws Presentation: Presentation will be reviewed by committee at a January 14th


President’s Comments

  • Nominating Committee: Needs additional members to join.

  • Transfer of Funds: Transfer of funds from the General Account to the Legal Fund needs to be determined at February or March BOD meeting and announced at the March Annual Membership Meeting.

  • Resumes: Anyone running for the board needs to submit a resume to be included in the Annual Meeting packet.

  • February Meeting Notification: An email needs to be sent out before or on January 21st notifying members that the Board will be finalizing the 2016-2017 budget at the February 4th Board meeting.

  • Speed Limit Issues: Management has agreed to have gate entrance employees remind FEDEX drivers that the speed limit in the community is 20 mph

  • Area Clean-Up: Management has agreed to clean out the stuff presently in the cabinet room at the Auditorium before the January 18th

  • Welcome/Membership: May want to consider sending welcome letters to new residents with Sara-Cam information (membership application, calendar of meetings) included. Visits can be requested from new residents.

  • February Meeting: Question: Will February be an open meeting or a meeting closed to anyone not a Sara-Cam member? Decided that only Sara-Cam members will receive copies of the By-Laws and only members can nominate from the floor, but meeting open to all residents.

Open Forum

  • Lot 492: Likes the idea of sending letters concerning permission to use picture on website. Suggested asking people if a picture of them can be taken during an event. Reminded board that there are extra File of Life kits that should be given to new residents.

M/S  to adjourn    MC

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm   Four members in attendance

Sara-Cam Associates II, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – Summary

Key:  M/S = Motion made and seconded;  MC = Motion carried (approved by majority vote)

December 3, 2015

 Call to Order: 7:00 pm followed by Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call PRESENT: 7 directors  ABSENT: one director (excused)   1 Vacancy

Agenda Approval: Agenda approved as presented. MC 

Secretary’s Report:  reading waived

Treasurer’s Report:    Expenditures: None      Income: $ 477.56

Primary account               $ 7,982.89

Legal Checking                     4,820.00

Money Market                   10,012.15

Total                                   $22,815.04

M/S  to accept report. MC

M/S to authorize treasurer to issue a $25 check to JP for gas assistance for the recycling program. MC

A director asked the treasurer to review the numbers concerning the Paper Goods line item. Treasurer and Denise Jones, Special Events chair, will review the numbers.

President asked the treasurer to add a column to the budget review to better show how the money being spent compares to the budget.

 Committee Reports:

  • Membership Committee: Chair reported 86 members for the year 2016.

  • Planning Committee: Chair reported that the next meeting of the committee is being scheduled for December 7 at 5 pm. Asked for clarification as to when his committee should be following new by-laws and when the planning committee should begin “talks” with management. The consensus was that the planning committee/negotiating committee would no longer have to be separate and that the negotiating committee would be appointed following the March meeting and any talks could begin following that.

  • By-Law Committee: One member resigned from the committee. Next meeting will be on Tuesday, December 8 at 2 pm. They will be looking at the 2nd The by-laws will be emailed to board members so they can review by-laws before the committee makes their presentation to the board on December 10th at 4:30 pm. The By-laws will be distributed to membership in February (by email) and again in the Annual Meeting packet in March. The committee was asked to create a summary showing what was changed and what had to be changed because of the changes to 723.

  • Website:  4 training sessions are scheduled for December. The sign-up sheet is posted in the Auditorium. More training dates will be scheduled as needed.

Business Items

  • Swan Support: At the last HOA meeting a request was made for Sara-Cam to consider making a donation or donations to help support the swans. After discussion, M/S that the Board not financially support the swans but encourage residents to donate to the Gracie Swan Foundation and allow swan fund collection jars at HOA meetings. MC

  • Special Board Meeting: The Board will meet on December 10th at 4:30 PM for the purpose of reviewing by-law revisions. Meeting will be held in the Clubhouse.

  • Website Additions: Board President had some concerns about the items that have been uploaded to the website. There was a discussion of what documents should appear on the website and which documents should not. The following procedures were decided upon: Letter of Dissatisfaction and Letter of Concern regarding RV Storage will be taken off the website, but the positive changes that resulted from both letters will be included in our list of accomplishments; Quarterly Regional Manager’s Meeting and Monthly Manager’s Meeting reports will be included on the monthly HOA minutes and not as a separate page on the site; no advertising but adding a page for classified ads still under consideration; Camelot Lakes Lease will not be on our website and the explanation of lot rent variances will be reduced to a one-page “chart.” President will work on making the chart and forward it to Website Chair for the website.

 President’s Comments

  • BB has agreed to be the Quorum Counter for the March Annual Meeting and will perform the financial review at the end of the fiscal year.

  • Question: Should the Board forward Manager’s Emergency notices to residents on our email contact list? No, but we need to encourage residents with email capabilities to give the Manager their email addresses (as well as be sure we have their email addresses)

 Open Forum

  • Resident Lot 182: Complimented the board on the way meetings are being conducted. Likes the ability for those attending to have the ability to address agenda items as they come up.

  • Resident Lot 492: Asked whether the board approved a policy for adding documents to the website. (A) Prior to the next meeting board members to consider a procedure for adding documents to the website. A procedure will be approved to be included in Sara-Cam Policy & Procedures book.

 M/S to adjourn    MC

Meeting adjourned at 8:52 pm   Four members in attendance.


November 5, 2015

Key:  M/S = Motion made and seconded;  MC = Motion carried (approved by majority vote)

Call to Order: 7:00 pm followed by Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call  8 BOD members PRESENT; 2 resident attendees

Agenda Approval: Agenda approved as presented

Secretary’s Report:  M/S  to accept Minutes of October 1, 2015 as emailed to Board members. MC

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer reported  Expenditures   of  $ 328.39 and  Income of  $ 248.05

Primary account               $  7,424.99

Legal Checking                     4,820.00

Money Market                      10,011.90

Total                                   $  22,256.89

M/S  to accept report. MC

Committee Reports:

  • By-Law Committee: Chair reported that 5 members are on the committee. They are looking at needed changes to by-laws and when these can be made and how it will affect our annual members meeting. Clarified that proxies can be used to change by-laws.

  • Planning Committee: Chairk reported that a second meeting of the committee is being scheduled. Suggested that the committee contact Camelot East because they have recently gone through contract negotiations.

  • Buildings, Roads, Grounds & Amenities: Chair sent in the most recent pool/spa testing results. Testing is done at least monthly at Pinch a Penny. Reports are then sent to management. Management continues to post daily figures.

  • Membership Committee: Chair reported 63 members for the year 2016. Membership applications for first time members and renewals have a place where people authorize Sara-Cam to represent them.

 Business Items

  • Meeting Attendance:  A meeting 30 days before the election (February) is mandated by 723 in order to accept nominations from the floor & to close nominations for BOD positions.  Questions: Should the February meeting be open to members & non-members?  March meeting is open to members only but should it be open to all? Discussion: Should March meeting be open to all ? Discussion about whether the word members in 723 means all homeowners in the community or members of Sara-Cam. More research will be done.

  • RV Storage Agreement: Letter of concern was delivered to management following October’s Board meeting. President & 2 BOD members met with management to discuss the agreement and make necessary changes to the document. We would like to see 72 hr. notice added to item 5a. Highly suggested that the RV Storage agreement be part of the next Rules & Regulations updates.

  • Approval of 2016 Calendar: Question: Once posted will this suffice for the need to have written notice for meetings? Calendar must have location of meetings included. Calendar will updated before it is emailed to Mary and emailed to residents & members. The website will also have the calendar posted.

  • Gas Grill Purchase: Camelot Community Club (CCC) is buying a grill and offered Sara-Cam the opportunity to share cost (approximately $200 from each group). Unclear at this time where it will be stored. M/S to share purchase cost with CCC and have a letter of understanding signed by both groups. MC with 1 abstention

  • Q & A with John Hall: John Hall will be at our January 2016 HOA meeting. Sara-Cam will request questions from members & residents beginning at our November meeting. All questions must be submitted using our email address or by leaving questions in the suggestion box in the auditorium lobby. Deadline for submission of questions is January 5, 2016. Questions will be collated by topic and sent to John Hall & Susan Fatzie prior to the meeting with a request that if an answer cannot be given immediately a timeline be given as to when the question will be answered. M/S to take questions from the floor. MC

  • Nominating Committee: A nominating committee needs to be seated and begin looking for candidates for the election of Board members in March. At this time there are four positions and 3 of those positions are current directors intending to run again. There will be one opening. Denise Jones & Julie Callebert volunteered to co-chair the committee and will have a report ready for the February meeting. Need for additional members will be announced at the November meeting.

  • Website Updates: Chair asked that committee chairs send event dates and event info to her so she can post on website. Has requested that she receives minutes as soon as possible so minutes can be added to website in a timely manner.

  • Historian/Archivist: BOD will write a tentative job description for this new position. Part of the job will be to record Sara-Cam events with photos and to collect and archive policies throughout the history of Sara-Cam.

  • Annual Meeting Timeline: Membership Committee will deliver annual meeting packets during the week of February 22, 2016. Deadline is March 7th. There will be a membership drive in February.

 President’s Comments

  • By-law committee to look at whether the board should continue with 9 directors or reduce number to 7. The committee will also look at the definition of members.

  • Management would like to reopen their Pride of Ownership program and asked for volunteers and Sara-Cam participation. After discussion, it was M/S for Sara-Cam not to be involved in the Pride of Ownership program as it should be solely under management’s umbrella. MC

Open Forum

  • Resident Lot 182: Complimented the new website. Planning committee received comments about the truck that Peter parks in the Auditorium parking lot. His signage is displayed and looks almost like a billboard. Understands that advertising is not permitted. Issue needs to be addressed with Peter and management. Also many trucks and cars are parked in the Auditorium lot against policy stated in Rules & Regulations.

    (A – Issues will be brought up at next Manager’s Meeting)

  • Resident Lot #398: Asked for an explanation as to why the minutes were not read aloud and unhappy with treasurer’s report.

    (A – Directors voted to suspend reading minutes aloud since each director receives minutes prior to the meeting. Only corrections will be read aloud. President said that members attending the meeting can request to have minutes read aloud as well as ask for a clarification of treasurer’s report.)

M/S to adjourn MC ; meeting adjourned at 9:08 pm

October 1, 2015


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call : 6 BOD members PRESENT

Approval to Modify Agenda: Motion to approve the agenda with the following additional items: clarification of where on the budget review to show Newby’s yearly $500 contribution for paper goods; storage lot agreement; approval of $112 for our share of the cost of the JLT report. MC   ( * NOTE: JLT & Associates is a full service real estate market research company specializing in the manufactured housing industry. They conduct and publish periodic surveys of the 24 land lease manufactured home communities in Sarasota Count)

Secretary’s Report:  Motion to accept Minutes of September 3, 2015 as emailed to Board members on September 15, 2015 with corrections. (New name of the Facilities Committee is Buildings, Grounds, Roads & Amenities) MC 

Treasurer’s Report :  Expenditures  =  $ 119.45       Income =  $   62.00

Committee Reports:

  •  By-Law Committee: Chair has sent questions to FMO Newsletter Legal Page concerning revised FL 723. He has received an email that the questions have been received and will be answered in next edition of the FMO newsletter.

Business Items:

  • Resignation of Director: a BOD member’s letter of resignation was read into the minutes. Motion to accept his resignation with regrets. MC

  • Posting of Vacancy: Motion that the posting of the vacancy will state that the notice will remain up until the position is filled. Posting will include wording that candidate will need to become familiar with governing documents and that training will be provided. MC

  • Clarification of Reading of the Minutes: After reviewing past minutes (July, August & September), BOD has concluded that minutes need not be read aloud, unless there is a correction to circulated minutes; however, the decision concerning reading of the minutes will be made meeting by meeting.

  • Photographer: Sara-Cam needs a photographer to chronicle regular meetings and special events. Someone has come forward to take pictures at Welcome Reception.

  • Committee Roles & Responsibilities: Member suggested that the board set up a meeting with committee heads to discuss and develop some guidelines for meetings and reporting back to the board. The Board reminded Committee chairs present that new FL 723 requires committees to post meeting dates & times, but not agendas; it was agreed that posting an annual calendar of committee meetings would meet the requirement. Subject of posting committee meetings to be further discussed at a future meeting with chairpersons.

  • Bay Indies HOA: Motion to spend $112 to purchase with Bay Indies HOA the recent JLT rent survey. MC Bay Indies will send us their recent rental agreement and the waiver they are using concerning using email addresses for communication. 

  • RV Storage Area: Member brought to the attention of the Board a storage area agreement issued by management and sent to residents renting space in the area. Multiple concerns especially that these new rules and regulations were not part of the recent R & R worked out between HOA and management. A letter of concern will be sent to management asking to review the conditions of the agreement.

 President’s Comments:

  • Met with John Hall for the quarterly walk around.

  • Sara-Cam agendas will be displayed on Mary Blair’s desk. Mary also has a For Sale Flyer on her desk. Residents may submit info to her.

  • Memberships paid in October, November and December will expire in December 2016.

 Open Forum

  • Resident Lot #80: Where was the tour with John Hall? (A) Quadrant 4. Management plans to level about 10 homes. Several have been renovated to be sold or rented.

  • Resident Lot #447: Has seen aluminum that was not being recycled. What is the plan to get that for our recycling program? (A) Nobody does a drive around. If you see something that fits our needs give a call to persons in charge of recycling.

  • Resident Lot #182: Is the keypad issue being taken of? (A) Yes. Replacement is supposed to be done sometime soon.

  • Resident #182: Why don’t we see past Board members at these meetings? (A) Can’t answer that question. BOD member suggested we send letters inviting them to lend their expertise to current Board.

 Motion to adjourn. MC  Meeting adjourned at 8:26 pm


Sara-Cam Associates II, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – Summary

September 3, 2015

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call PRESENT: 8 BOD members + 8 residents in attendance

Secretary’s Report: Reading of minutes of the August 6, 2015; Two corrections noted regarding reference to building discussed in open forum.  Secretary checked records & clarified that reading of previous meeting’s minutes may be waived if no residents are in attendance.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer reported Expenditures  of  $ 70.68 and Revenue of  $ 137.00

Agenda Revision:  President asked to have Scrap Metal Recycling Program added to agenda under Business Items. Question as to where proceeds should go – general account or legal account.   Motion carried

BOD member asked to have the Treasurer’s Report sent prior to each meeting; action recommended.  BOD member suggested that cost of bags for recycling project be merged with scrap collecting costs as single budget line item.

 Committee Reports:

  • Website:  site is just about complete and will be ready for October. Complaint submission area does work. President will receive complaints and then redirect to Susan (and appropriate committee head) with a cc to person submitting the complaint. Question asked if the handwritten complaint forms will still be available. Answer is Yes but may eventually be discarded.

  • Membership: Chair reported Sara-Cam has 250 members now, but only about 10 memberships for 2016. Current year memberships expire in December.

  • By-Law Committee: Chair is reviewing changes to FL 723 and said our By-Laws should reflect those changes that went into effect July 1, 2015. Committee will meet sometime in November.

  • Planning Committee:  President has contacted residents whose suggestions will not be considered for negotiations b/c they do not appropriately reflect a global need of the community. Committee will begin meeting in October.

  • Facilities Committee: Committee to be renamed Buildings, Grounds, Roads & Amenities. The Roads/Lawns/Access Control committee has been merged into this new designation.

  • Fundraising Committee: Committee to be renamed Special Events. New name speaks more to Sara-Cam’s mission statement; will still include fundraising projects.

  • Welcome Committee: Suggestion that the committee consider quarterly receptions to welcome new residents and introduce Sara-Cam instead of individual home visits.

 Business Items

  • Policy #15-P01 – Security for Corporate Documents, Records and Supplies & Equipment – BOD approved as revised, deleting phrase Access Control so as not to confuse with front gate procedures

  • Policy #15-P06 – BOD Preparation for Negotiation of 3-year Agreement with Community Owner: Planning Committee – BOD approved with clarification that the Planning Committee have at least 3 members (including the chair) and those member-candidates be presented to the Board for appointment to the committee per our By-Laws.

  • Can Recycling Program: In 2010, the then BOD directors voted to have proceeds of the “Can Recycling” effort put into the Legal Fund. Plans will be made to be sure this has been/will be done. Transfer of funds may be made at Annual Meeting.

 President’s Comments

  • Pool testing will be done approximately every two weeks by a local pool service company at no charge; they will provide a report which will be shared with management. The less frequent monitoring is supported by recent maintenance: pump room has been cleared out and new units installed.

  • Website is moving along. Board members saw the site for the first time prior to meeting. Bill for website creation has been received.

  • John Hall will be reminded of our request for the Full prospectus with 20 amendments.

  • There will be maintenance of the sewer lines in the next two weeks. Residents will receive notices as to what they should do.

  • Auditorium freezer went down.  Items belonging to Sara-Cam were lost.

  • Road paving will take place September 28-30. Residents in the area of the roadwork will be notified.

 Open Forum- No questions/comments from attendees

Meeting adjourned at 8:58 pm


Sara-Cam Associates II, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – Summary

August 6, 2015


Meeting was called to order at 7:01 pm followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call PRESENT: 5 BOD members + 2 residents in attendance

Secretary’s Report: Reading of minutes of the July 6, 2015 Board meeting was waived. Motion carried to approve the minutes as distributed by e-mail to be filed.

Treasurer’s Report:  President presented the Treasurer’s report in her absence.

 Committee Reports

  •  Website Memo of Understanding: Has been signed and filed with the Secretary. Website is about 70% complete; still in need of historical information.

 Business Items

  • Transfer of Money into Legal Fund – Motion Carried that any transfers from fundraising profits to legal fund should be based on the fiscal year. Additional discussion of timing of transfer; BOD of the opinion that decision to transfer and amount of transfer should be made annually by the March BOD meeting so that membership could be informed at the Annual Meeting of how much will be transferred. President reminded BOD that once transferred to legal fund, the money can not be redirected to other uses.

  • Committee Re-naming – President suggested that the name of the Fundraising Committee be changed to Special Events Committee. Member stated that “fundraising” was a well recognized label and that all organizations he has dealt with have a fundraising group. Issue was tabled until Chair of Fundraising Committee could provide further insight.

  • BOD Member Certification – FL 723 as amended effective July 1, 2015 requires that newly installed directors certify that they have read and will carry out the rules and policies of the HOA and the Park. Current directors are not subject to this requirement; however, since it is a good idea that all BOD members be familiar with the governing documents, BOD developed a form for current directors to certify that they have completed the required reading.

  • Prospectus –  President reminded all that the main body of the original prospectus, the Park’s Rules and Regulations (prospectus Exhibit 5) and the 3-year Settlement Agreement are the documents that provide the rights and obligations of residents and the park owner. Motion carried that Sara-Cam will expend $32 to purchase a complete prospectus (with amendments) from the State IF Management declines to provide. NOTE: the day after the meeting, Newby Management agreed to provide a complete prospectus with all amendments.

  • Changes to FL 723 – a BOD member advised the attendees that a recent amendment to FL723 included several changes that would impact Sara-Cam directly. BOD incoming members will be required to read governing documents specified in the law and attest to having done so; and FL 723 establishes a quorum at 30% of members (instead of 50%) unless otherwise specified in the HOA’s By-Laws. It was noted that changing the By-laws to be consistent with the new law should be a priority.

  • Planning Committee The BOD received from the Chair of the Planning Committee a list of suggestions for negotiation submitted by residents that the Chair did not believe rose to the level of items to be negotiated into the upcoming 3-Year Settlement Agreement.  Items received that are being considered for negotiation were not shared with the BOD, as is policy.

  • Planning Committee – By a memo dated August 5, the Chair of the Planning Committee suggested that a procedure for preparing for negotiations be written, describing the timeline from Board appointment of a Planning Committee to activation of a Negotiating Committee.

  • Waiver of Meeting Minutes Reading – In follow-up to allowing a conditional waiver of minutes as approved at the July BOD meeting, a motion was made at this meeting and carried, adding: when a reading is waived, the Secretary would read any corrections proposed to the electronically distributed minutes prior to a call for a vote accepting the minutes for filing.

 President’s Comments : Next Manager’s Meeting scheduled for August 12th

 Open Forum

  •  Resident – Expressed concern that the pavement/curbs outside the Auditorium – especially those on the ramp – were a safety hazard for handicapped residents because they were not clearly marked. Asked that ramp edges be painted.

  • Resident – Agreed with above and added that the high curbs at the Auditorium entrance, especially those on the island, were difficult to maneuver.

  • Resident- Wanted to know if the bulletin board that used to be in the hallway of the Clubhouse near the pool entrance – the board used by residents to post items for sale and services for hire – could be reinstated. BOD would ask to have the same type of bulletin board installed somewhere in the Auditorium. President informed resident that the same information was supposedly going to be available on the electronic bulletin board in the Clubhouse lobby, but that board was not yet functional.

  • 2 Residents – The Clubhouse entrance ways (doors) are not handicapped accessible; believe original plans for renovation called for at least one electronic push-pad door and there is not one. Noted this could be a violation of ADA requirements. Want to have a door made handicap accessible as soon as possible.

  • Resident – Asked to have the bicycle rack relocated from the prime parking space closest to the Auditorium door, and that space be turned into a handicapped parking space with signage.

 Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm


Sara-Cam Associates II, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – Summary

July 2, 2015


Meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Six BOD members were present and 3 absent.

Minutes from the June 4, 2015 Board meeting were read and approved to be filed.

Treasurer reported balances in all accounts. A budget review of expenditures to date was also presented.

Committee Reports:

  • Roads & Lawns: All community lawns were recently reviewed and graded on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being worst – there were 37 lots scoring a 5; by contract, 25 lawns should be replaced. A lottery may be needed to determine the 25

  • Fundraising: July 18th is the date for the Rubber Duck Derby & Dinner. Tickets are $5, bets on the ducks are $2 per duck per race; Musical entertainment

  • Welcome: Visits to new residents are being scheduled. A Thank You letter to Chick-Fil-A was sent acknowledging their donation of coupons used in our Welcome bags

  • Website: Thumb drives have been given to all board members. The drives contain the documents that will be on the website. Corporation documentation and the 2015-16 budget have been received for uploading. The MOU has not been signed yet. Still waiting for committee information from several committee chairs. (HEAT, Facilities & Fundraising complete)

 Business Items

  • Website Memo of Understanding: Not signed yet because of conflicting vacations of signees.

  • Website – Discussion of which areas should be public and which areas should be accessible to Sara-Cam members only. The Public view will contain: Mission/Vision; Membership Info; Committee Listings; Events; Sara-Cam Calendar; Monthly BOD Meeting summary; Funding Initiatives; Governing Docs; Links to Prospectus, Rules & Regulations, 723; Resident Advertising (could incur a tax issue). The Private view will contain: Budget, BOD membership & contact info; Reports of monthly Manager’s Meetings; BOD minutes; Complaints Submission Section (with explanation as to what constitutes a complaint and a form); Policy & Procedures; 3-year Contract. The ability to submit complaints online will be for Sara-Cam members only. The paper complaint form has be revised.

  • Other – Secretary asked if the reading of minutes of the previous meeting can be dispensed with – when there are no residents present and minutes are distributed to BOD members by email prior to a meeting. Discussed how a motion would be worded at each meeting.

President’s Comments

  • Reported on the last Manager’s Meeting and the recent meeting with John Hall

  • Received information on the Helping Hands programs that have existed in the community

  • Next Manager’s Meeting scheduled for July 8th at 1:00 pm

  • A thank you card will be sent to management for the use of the conference call phone and the PA system

 Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm