Meetings – Who May Attend

Sara-Cam Meetings Open to Community Residents*

Sara-Cam welcomes all Community residents and potential and current homeowners to monthly informational sessions held of the Association.  These take place in the Auditorium at 7:30 PM on the 3rd Monday of each month. At these meetings, members of the Sara-Cam Board of Directors both talk and listen; they give a “state of the union” summary, letting everyone know what is happening in the Community and what issues the Board is working on, as well as take questions from attendees in an open forum.

On the 1st Thursday of each month, the Board of Directors meets in open session at 7:00 PM in the Clubhouse and may vote on issues that come before the Board, such as expenditure of Sara-Cam funds. Board meetings are open to all residents. Any resident may voice his or her opinion on an issue up for vote.  This meeting also includes an open forum during which residents can ask questions of the Board or express an opinion on any Community-related issue.

On occasion, the Board may call for a special meeting as needed or a working session to attack time consuming matters such as drafting rules or election materials; these meetings are also open to residents.

All meeting agendas are posted on this website and on the bulletin board in the Auditorium and Clubhouse foyer.

*Please Note: the “Annual Meeting” in March at which the Association elects members of the Board of Directors is open to only members.