All homeowners at Camelot Lakes are encouraged to become members of Sara-Cam. Membership allows you to actively participate in protecting your rights as a homeowner and to gain a better understanding of your responsibilities as well as the responsibilities and legal obligations of the owner and manager of Camelot Lakes. 

The foremost reason for joining Sara-Cam is to increase our membership number for us to be recognized as a formidable association with political effectiveness. If we are not strong in numbers, our organization will not be taken seriously. People power equals recognition.

Not a homeowner? Residents who rent a home in Camelot Lakes from an owner (not from the Park directly), especially residents who rent for extended periods of time, should encourage the person who owns the home to join Sara-Cam, not only to protect the homeowner’s property rights, but to ensure that the renter is able to benefit from the outcomes of Sara-Cam’s negotiations.

There are many other reasons to become a member of Sara-Cam:

  • Avoid the Rumor Mill – Be made aware of ongoing issues in the Community and be kept informed on the progress of changes important to homeowners

  • Get Involved in a Cause – Help ensure that Management is fulfilling its responsibility to enhance and preserve community conditions to help stabilize your home’s value

  • Help Yourself and Your Neighbors – Safeguard property values by encouraging and assisting with maintenance of individual properties

  • Be Heard – Become an advocate for yourself and others under the principle that there is power in numbers; legally, Sara-Cam cannot enter into a negotiated agreement with Park owners or Management on lot rent, service and utilities and park rules without the backing of a majority of homeowners

  • Participate in the Selection of Strong Leaders – Elect Directors who share and can advance your agenda to bring about change through non-adversarial negotiations with Management

  • Get Out of Your Shell – Meet new people through participation in the Homeowners’ Association-sponsored community events, plus get a member discount

Membership is only $15 per calendar year, payable in January.

Click here to bring up a printable application form  

Bring the form to a meeting (or send it in the mail*) with dues $$

Not sure if you are paid up for the current year?

Contact the Membership Committee at or 732-986-7980


* our mailing address is   Sara-Cam Associates II, Inc.

                                                   P.O. Box 22286

                                                   Sarasota, FL  34276