Mission and Vision Statements

Sara-Cam Associates II, Inc. (Sara-Cam)

The Homeowners’ Association of Camelot Lakes, Sarasota, Florida




The mission of our homeowners’ association is community PRIDE :

·       Provide an enriched community with a sense of pride

·       Respect and preserve the collective rights and interests of homeowners

·       Integrate the many talents and skills of community residents to promote a higher quality of life

·       Develop active homeowner involvement through programs and activities to cultivate a strong sense of community

·       Encourage homeowners and park management to meet their respective responsibilities



Sara-Cam’s Board of Directors and members envision a community of neighbors working together as part of a private, voluntary, not-for-profit association committed to making Camelot Lakes a desirable and safe place in which to live and enjoy the benefits of friends and community.