Our History

Sara-Cam: Our History & Accomplishments


1984 – 2015


Sara-Cam Associates II, Inc. is the Homeowners Association established over 30 years ago to represent the homeowners of Camelot Lakes Mobile Home Park in Sarasota, Florida. Generally called Sara-Cam, the Association is an active and registered non-profit corporation structured and operated in accordance with Florida Law and Regulations (Florida Statues Chapters 617 and 723, and Chapter 61B-29 to 32 and 35 of the Florida Administrative Code), and is registered in the state of Florida under Document # N04113.  The Association also relies on internally developed By-Laws and policies to conduct business. 

In general, a Homeowners’ Association provides a coordinated means to lobby park managers and owners for changes that benefit homeowners.  The nine-member Sara-Cam Board of Directors routinely meets with homeowners and proactively brings to the attention of Camelot Lakes Community Management issues of concern to homeowners in a constructive and professional manner.  Every three years, Sara-Cam negotiates with Community Management to develop a detailed contract for services to homeowners that Community Management is then obligated to provide.  The Association participates in updating and revising the Park Rules and Regulations, a compliance guide for homeowners that is codified as an appendix to the state-required Prospectus.  In addition to participating in and monitoring regulatory activities, Sara-Cam sponsors events and activities that bring the Community together in a positive and fun atmosphere.

How Camelot Lakes Came To Be Our Home

In 1960, the Paver Development Corporation purchased a relatively small ranch property near I-75 Exit 205 off Gantt Road in Sarasota Florida.  This property was later to become the site of Camelot Lakes. The Pavers had this  new-at-the-time idea of selling a convenient and economic way of enjoying a Florida lifestyle full of accessible top-notch amenities that was many levels above the bare-bones “trailer park” concept.

In 1980, Paver began to develop the property, changing grazing lands and orange groves into a manufactured housing community with 4.2 homes per acre.  Model homes were set up for interested buyers. The models were placed on Lots I through 7, Lot 11 and Lot 69.

Original residents tell how they lived in their motor home behind their present homes while the park was being prepared for occupancy. In December 1980, there were only four residents living in the community. They were given six months free rent until June 1981 when the Clubhouse facility was ready for activities.  Many felt as if they were living in the middle of no where; as the area then was nothing but orange groves and farms.

The first newsletter, the “Camelot Lakes Progress Report” was published in the summer of 1980. This first issue advertised there would be two lakeside recreation complexes, and that all home sites would be landscaped and at least 5,000 square feet. The fall 1980 issue stated there were 37 homes in place and 25 sites reserved, most of which were unoccupied at the time.

The “Grand Opening Issue” was released in the winter of 1981 and in December 1981 the newsletter became what we all know today as the “Rambler.” The first Rambler was 4 pages with a calendar of events and notes on the few activities that were in full gear.

Some of the activities that were planned in 1981: May 2 Kentucky Derby Party; May 21 Punch Party & Pot Luck, cost $2.00 per person and 37 people attended; June 13 Cookout, cost $.50 per person and 27 people attended; July 4 Picnic, cost $3.50 per person and 71 adults attended; October 31 First Halloween Party, 82 people attended and the dance floor was filled to capacity.

In the June 1981 edition of a publication called “Sunshine State Senior Citizen,” reviewers stated “Camelot Lakes is the new mobile home community of the year — first class in every respect.” In December 1981, the construction of the RV storage area was started. In May 1982, a breakfast social was planned with other communities – Orange Acres and Windward Isle – with 75 reservations. In June 1988 the community had 100 residents and, by coincidence, the residents who purchased the 100th home were situated on Lot 100. In June 1983, Stonehaven Lane was being completed in order to open 30 new lots for occupancy and shortly thereafter the construction of the Auditorium started. The Auditorium was completed in November 1984.  Today the park has 524 home sites, a renovated Clubhouse and many stellar amenities.

How the Homeowners Association Came to Be

The idea of a Homeowners Association was birthed in 1983 by a small group of homeowners at the still-developing mobile home park known as Camelot Lakes. The first meeting of the Homeowners Association was held October 17, 1983, and it incorporated as a non-profit named Sara-Cam Associates, Inc. in 1984.  Rumors speak of a “hostile takeover” and formation of a new, second generation corporation by a group discontented with the direction in which the initial association was moving. The new association registered as a restructured not-for-profit corporation in 1985; this is why Sara-Cam’s current name includes the Roman numeral II. 

The original Articles of Incorporation called for an initial 7 member Board of Directors; the By-Laws were written to change that number to nine. In 2004, an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation moved the responsibility of approving changes to the By-Laws from the Board to the members, and currently requires that any changes to the By-Laws be approved by a majority of the entire membership.


In 2014, Sara-Cam celebrated its 30th anniversary by holding a recognition ceremony for long-time residents – those who have lived in Camelot Lakes for 25 years or more.  Forty-eight residents were honored.  Of these, twenty-two have lived in the Community for 30 or more years!

As of September 2015, Sara-Cam can boast over 250 members.