Governing Documents

Governing Documents

The Governing Documents of your Homeowners Association (HOA) include our By-Laws and the rules and regulations of the State of Florida, including the Administrative Code (61-B) of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.  As a non-profit corporation registered in Florida, our HOA is subject to Florida Law Chapter 617; however, should there be a conflict between this law and Chapter 723 – the mobile home park law – the provisions of Chapter 723 prevail.  If Chapter 723 is silent on an issue, then applicable provisions of Chapter 617 would apply.*

The HOA’s By-Laws must be consistent with all 3 Florida rules posted on this section of our website. If there is a conflict, the state rule prevails unless the state rule instructs that By-Laws may be drafted differently. 

In late 2015 the Board assembled a committee charged with review and amendment of the By-Laws; the committee not only considered routine updating, but brought the By-Laws into alignment with a newly revised Chapter 723.  The new By-Laws were adopted and became effective in March 2016.

revised  10/02.2016

*  Legal opinion of L J Collins, FMO legal counsel as published in FMO News July/Aug 2015