Special Committees

Sara-Cam’s “Special” Committees & Responsibilities

Under Revisions to Florida Law in 2014, the Board of Directors may assemble Special Committees  as needed on a temporary basis to manage the affairs of the association. The following are examples of committees that have been assembled in the past:


Credentialing Committee: Manages the annual election process, including verification of voter eligibility and the mandated quorum, and verification and count of proxy and “in meeting” ballots; tallies votes for candidates and announces those voted into a director position; similarly manages voting on any other issues on the ballot at Annual Meeting. Chaired by one or more inspectors of votes.

Planning Committee: Prepares for negotiations with park management on the terms of the 3-year agreement between homeowners and management

Negotiations Committee: Enters into negotiations with park management on the terms of the 3-year agreement between homeowners and management, using negotiation as an alternative to formal mediation as authorized by Florida Law

Policy and Procedures: Drafts and amends corporate policies and procedures for Board review and approval in accordance with authorizing By-Laws and State rules; maintains and distributes current and archived rules in a manual format as a reference for directors, committee chairs and members

By-Laws Committee: Drafts amendments to the association’s By-Laws as a need is identified, and presents proposed changes to the Board and membership for approval; ensures the content of the By-Laws is maintained consistent with State rules and good business practices

Park Rules & Regulations Committee: Periodically reviews the park’s rules to identify items that need to be addressed with management, either at the request of the Board or by invitation from management; solicits input from membership and negotiates with management to make changes to rules accordingly


amended 9/19/16