Work Orders and Complaints


( * formerly called “work orders”)

Need to report an urgent Community-wide situation that could affect the safety

of residents or could damage property in the Park?

During Business Hours CALL the Manager’s Office: 941-922-2020

If you cannot contact the Office, then use the Community Emergency Phone Number: 844-285-2099


OR, as necessary, FILE A COMPLAINT

A Maintenance Request is a 4-page form created by the Community Manager to document your request to fix a problem related to Community-owned property (e.g., downed trees, leaking shower heads) or Community-managed services  on your lot or affecting your home site (e.g., irrigation, incoming electrical hookup).

Under the 2017-2019 Settlement Agreement with Management, you are entitled to, and should be given a copy of any residential maintenance request (work order) upon filing and again upon completion of the work. Be sure to request the resident’s page  of the form as documentation of your initial request.

The Community Manager has set time frames for responding to maintenance requests and fixing the problem described on the form. Generally you should be contacted within a few business days after filing the form with the Manager’s office, and most problems are expected to be fixed within 10 business days. If you are not contacted or do not get satisfaction, first call the Community Manager to check if there are special circumstances, such as a part is back-ordered. If you do not get satisfaction by this contact, you should file a complaint, stating that a maintenance request that you filed has not been completed.

A complaint is a written statement of dissatisfaction with a sub-par condition of a Community facility, service, green space or roadway, or displeasure with an action or the inaction of Community staff that you believe merits review and corrective action by the Community Manager. The homeowner fills out a complaint form provided by the Community Manager’s office staff and submits the form to office staff. (* Sara-Cam members see below)

You should request a copy of the complaint form for your records.  You may also send in a complaint by e-mail to the Community Manager at Management does accept complaints by telephone, but telephone complaints do not leave you with a written record of your complaint so it is probably not the preferred way to file a complaint.

The homeowner is responsible for follow up on maintenance requests and complaint forms that have been filed directly with the Manager’s office*

* NOTE: Sara-Cam members may take advantage of the Association’s complaint submission and tracking system that directs members’ complaints to the Community Manager using an electronic form and provides periodic follow-up until satisfactory resolution is achieved.  Sara-Cam follows up for you until the complaint is resolved.

 Sara-Cam Members: Go to the Members-Only section of the website, and after you sign in, click on the tab for  the Sara-Cam Complaint System