HOA Accomplishments

Camelot Lakes Village Homeowners Association works tirelessly for homeowners all through the year, not just when it’s time to negotiate a new agreement with the Park, as you can see from these examples of Sara-Cam Actions & Accomplishments

  • The HOA ensures that Management’s responsibilities specified in each 3-year contract with the Park are carried out. Twenty months into the last 3-year contract, The HOA reviewed the contract and found many items that, although negotiated, had not been addressed by the Park. The HOA’s BOD sent registered letters to Management outlining the conditions that still needed to be addressed in the remaining contract time frame, leading to better compliance by Management
  • For the contract 2017-2019, The HOA negotiated for and the Park agreed to, among other things: lot rent savings per resident of $36 for the first contract year; expanded gate coverage after the office closes; an increase in grass mowing frequency; longer sprinkler watering times; renewed commitment to a minimal $65,000 budget for road repairs; continued routine mold inspections; and no cost tree stump removal from resident’s lots provided Management is notified of the need for this service by the resident’s filling out a work order before 12-31-16.
  • For the contract 2014-2016, The HOA negotiated for and the Park agreed to: lot rent savings per resident of $144 over 3 years; written job descriptions for security personnel; expanded gate coverage; an increase in the budget for road repairs; mold inspections for the Auditorium and new guidelines for better maintenance of the pools
  • For the contract 2010-2013, The HOA negotiated for and the Park agreed to: conduct weed control and lawn fertilization at least twice annually, with cinch bug and fire ant control; install pool night lights that meet Florida codes; maintain Park-owned homes up to Park standards for all homeowners; and create designated smoking areas at the pools, making most of the pool enclosures non-smoking. Additionally, based on hours of research, lot mapping and records review, The HOA successfully negotiated a lot rent reduction for 28 lots
  • The HOA implemented an organized complaint submission and tracking system to ensure follow-up of resident’s complaints for which a Management response is long overdue; an electronic version of that complaint system was made available to members in 2015
  • Changes to the Park’s Rules and Regulations negotiated by The HOA raised the minimum age of residents from 18 to 45, provided one person occupying the home is 55 years of age or older
  • The HOA organized a Homeowners’ Emergency Action Team (HEAT) that provides emergency pre- and post-disaster assistance to residents; the organization details included funding for necessary equipment such as searchlights and hard hats; The HOA also maintains a database of e-mail addresses and telephone numbers for contacting members in case of an emergency
  • The HOA relayed homeowners’ dissatisfaction with cable TV programming offered by the Park; negotiations with Management led to a credit for the cost of cable TV service provided directly by the Park, which was discontinued
  • The HOA demands that Management explain to residents the impact of revised Park Rules & Regulations; as a result, Management issues a “Letter of Clarification” to explain the reasons behind rule changes that The HOA contested
  • The HOA lobbied for locks on the fitness center doors; locks were installed
  • The HOA protested Management’s discarding our publication “Insight” from distribution piles in the Clubhouse; the Park agreed that we could leave copies of the newsletter for residents; The HOA has since moved to publishing on-line at its website saracamhoa.com, which has a pass word protected members section
  • The HOA donated a submersible pump to assist residents in clearing out standing water after severe rain storms
  • The HOA lobbied Management for stop signs on 9 cul-de-sac roads; stop signs were installed
  • The HOA lobbied Management for an increase in the number of security cameras; more than 20 cameras are now installed
  • The HOA lobbied for installation of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in common areas and for training for residents in AED use; the Park has installed several AEDs and trained residents in how to use the devices for emergency treatment for life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia and ventricular fibrillation
  • The HOA lobbied the Park for better lighting on Camelot Parkway where large trees obscure existing lights; lower pole lights were installed along the length of this main street