Florida Statutes and Rules

Here is important information all Camelot Lakes Village homeowners should know about. It will help you know your rights. Please take the time and read it.

Florida Chapter 723 Mobile Home Lot Park Tenancies

Mobile home communities are protected under what is known as Chapter 723 Mobile Home Lot Park Tenancies. This is the primary legislation governing leased-land parks. In these are parks,  the resident owns the home, but not the lot upon which the home sits. The parkland (comprised of at least 10 such lots), as well as the common areas and amenities, are the property of the park owner. The park may be run by a manager working directly for the owner or by a third party firm.

Chapter 723 helps homeowners or people leasing know their rights and responsibilities. Everyone who owns or rents a mobile home should look at Chapter 723. It is the first step in being an informed owner.

Below is a link where you can read all about Chapter 732.


Florida Statutes Chapter 617
Corporations Not For Profit

As a Florida Not For Profit Corporation we are regulated by this Statute.


Florida Administrative Code
Chapters 61B-29 Through 32, and 35