The CLV Homeowners Association Board is charged with assisting residents with

concerns that potentially impact all or many residents. If your concern is specific to your home or lot, please take it up yourself with management.

The HOA Directors will follow up with management and do their best to resolve  problems.

*NOTE: When trying to resolve any issue with management, please make initial contact with management before requesting assistance from the HOA using documented correspondence via:

1. Contact Management Directly

2. Filling out a Cove Work Order Form located in the Clubhouse

 3. Emailing an online Work Order Help Ticket(s)

HOA Suggestions and Concerns Form:

Step 1. Download this form using the link below, print and complete the form.

Step 2. You can either submit the form by handing it to any board member or by placing it in the Suggestion Box located in the Clubhouse Library.

Any issues submitted will be discussed at the next monthly Village Manager Q & A Meeting. Responses from the manager will be posted on the

HOA bulletin board located in the Clubhouse & this website page.